Saeed Farani and DullaBhatti: I don’t know why but somehow while reading this song, her voice was singing behind my head. Bali K Deol – April 23, E-mail: Dullabhatti – April 23, E-mail: Bawa – April 25, E-mail: I am still speechless on that issue. I threw away the above mentioned ones long time ago. I have read a few and they were sweet, simple and well put together.

Big thanks to Nupur for creating this animation. Shayari ki ji bas thodi bahut tabaa aazmai kari di jadon vi jewnd diyan jhamelian toon saa laind da vail lage. She argued it was not part of our marriage contract. A a lot of the punjabi youth listen to modern day bhnagra but very few understand the lyrics. Kabran udeek diyan jiven putran nu mavan Burial grounds await like mothers await their sons. Shikra – April 30, E-mail: Bawa – April 09, E-mail:

Jehrian lines tusi likhiaan sun, neeche vaalian, eh mere bahut pasand aayaaN ne Bali Ji, Bohta armaan hoya tohade veer da sun ke. I usually don’t respond but that oes not mean I have not enjoyed it.


Please send that to me via email. Shayari ki ji bas thodi bahut tabaa aazmai kari di jadon vi jewnd diyan jhamelian toon saa laind da vail lage. Sajno te Mitro Main har wailay haazir Noukar jnaab da.

Rujj ke roTi khaan da vaila kade na chaRhya Name: Despite the fact, I am on my vacation it seems that Movle have more work than ever.

Channa Ve Kehde Badlan Kho Gaya Supna Hi Ho Gaya Video Download

Song has been penned down by Flint J and music has been given by Naved. Am looking for the poem you mentioned among my books and have sent SOS to my mother, so don’t despair as yet.


All All 0 Dislike 0. DullaBhatti – April 25, E-mail: Shikra – April 24, E-mail: Milind Gaba Latest Punjabi Song Bali ji, sad to hear about your veer’s departure. Sometime we argue on the subject on which we have little knowledge.

The interest in punjabi is there but the resources are very limited to actually learn punjabi. Going back to your remark on the chat room: I visit this web site almost everyday and read and listen to my favorite segments especially Saiful Malook, all my life it was my most favorit book, i developed interest in Mian Sahib’s kalaam from very young age.

I am not sure whether that will happen or even it is possible in the present situation but it certainly represents their reejh wish to know, understand and have a good relationsnhip with their brothers on the other side of Wahgha.

Nanak vakhaane benati, tudh baajhoN sabh kooRh.

Can we do something to preserve this heritage? Please read the note from her on her very well routed introduction. Sajno, I need a help.

Imran Ahmed – April 08, E-mail: Please do badllan into those. Balaan dai Geet I remember this “lori” as follows. Zahra – April 06, E-mail: Zaki and Malik sahib, I enjoy your poetic contributions on this forum.

I have been hooked to their music ever since besides Ghazal Mastero Jagjit Ji’s, of course! Sameer AnjaanTo watch more log on to http: One of my chamna in Lahore nake saying to me that now Urdu is the mother tongue of her children because she never spoke Punjabi with them.


Playlists New playlist Your Playlist’s title. Zahra – April 30, E-mail: Let me know, Bawa. KoyooN je meshin ya mishini samme di binni kissecheez te taaveez vich paRhe bolaaN da ussar neiN honda. Tuhada bhoot te sachi barha khatarnak hae, “modern” hohn karke internet vichoN vi lag janda hae: Dullabhatti – April 23, E-mail: If you are in the area, as far as I remember, then it will be nice to meet you.

Perhaps it would be better to stay away from politics, the site clearly says non-political. In return for my token, I will request you to get me the best namkeen chai kee patti kashmiri tea leaves from interior pindi.

I have been told by a “Siyana” that end end of the curse. Can any one moviw some light on this major issue?

Ik novieN “Kaafi” haazar e. I had heard that he was a daaku but his life must have had something tragic or heroic in it because of its survival in baldan lore.