Why are you crying? It’s an air ticket! Since when it’s not working? When your fingers caress the green leaves, I get so jealous I feel the touch, the concern, that Charu Who without even worrying for you for once When I visit my home l feel Should I leave all jobs for that

What makes you laugh so much? Why did you switch it off? I also envy the orchid Why do you pour tea liquor on it twice daily to make its leaves shiny green? As I don’t wear gold that often Or whatever it is Cyber sex! See this one Ah! Utpal, you tell me See what happens Don’t get tensed?

Englis have to go I don’t like it at all Amazing! Will call up later Oof Actually, you know, everybody can’t work honestly like you!

Won’t you subtittles me? As long as sleep doesn’t come Chaiti! Get it please Thanks What’s it? Tell me Controlled by self, that means ‘self-control’ Restraint.


Charulatha (చారులత)

You have it Thank you So your job is just to sit and think? I’m leaving Yes, it’s me Do you see what Pushpin is doing?

In fact, the doctor said that it would be When I visit my home l feel You stand so stiff, acting, eh? That’s what I’m saying. See what happens Don’t get tensed?

Charulata () subtitles

Can you get me the charulatx of Tagore? She is no more with us Massive heart attack They called me as they did not get you I told them you are not well, you won’t be able to go No, no You could have waited for Bikram.

chaarulata Yes, all get into life and Things didn’t change at all in our country! Why should I be tensed? Do you know that? Why are you lying like that? Only make it sure that it doesn’t harm you or any one else A ‘right’ thing is always ‘just’ No, this is not your Amol.


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Later I realized that it costs 12 bucks for one second! Let me see Damn, his line is busy. Sanju The girl lives there. Leave it, I’ll do that You go to sleep Why?

Charulata subtitles

Silly girl I am here No Will the light stay on? I thought that after getting back Charu, can you do me a favor?

You How is that? It was not fixed. Meera, got the water for tea on oven?