There’s a dry humour throughout and a collective heart that squeezes tears. Rachael Taylor has a certain likable charm about her she has gorgeous hair and eyes , though the fact that her strong British accent slipped into her obviously fake American one a few times bothered me. Once the film gets past the exposition, it brings off a number of delectable scenes. I would call it a fantastic drama with loads of comedy and a love story for not only two people, but ones quest of greatness. Meet our newest member of the Montelena family! Keep track of everything you watch; tell your friends.

You wont get it. I have seen all the CGI blockbusters.. This place is beautiful even on a rainy This film should have taken in millions but opened on only 48 screens. Yes, it may be a bit Hollywood-ized, but overall it’s a fun film with a great cast. Can Oscars Avoid a Hostless Disaster?

The building is unlike McIntyre’s other wineries, none of which were designed in a Gothic style. It also omits until the closing credits any mention of the wine that triumphed over the French in the red wine category.

Rickman’s Britishness, and the Californina wine makers not being able to tell the difference between British and French, is hilarious. Be the first to comment Hide Comments.

The movie opens with panoramic aerial shots of the Napa Valley landscape, with relaxing music that moves between languid and bouncy. Hell, cgateau were farmers Oh, and Dennis Farina nearly steals the scenes with Rickman he’s so funny – I have to say nearly, because I love Rickman. Just because you’ve seen the story before in, say, The Mighty Ducks, doesn’t make it necessarily bad. Audible Download Audio Books. I’m as much a wine connoisseur as a movie one, and both of my expectations were met.

Two beautiful young actresses — Taylor and Eliza Dushku as a ballsy bartender — give equally winning performances. Steven Spurrier Jean-Michel Richaud Originally, the interior was one large space with a second-story crushing floor, but ina second-floor apartment was inserted so the Chateau could be used as a home. It has a great soundtrack, and is witty yet has a dramatic side to it.


Bottle Shock

This is a true story albeit not particularly well known and therefore offers no suspense. He’s chateay replace John Gissing; Gissing’s gotten First off, it was beautifully shot.

I usually don’t go to movies after 7 p. The movie has opened in several theaters in North America, Toronto has been fortunate enough to get it, and I hope a major studio changes it’s mind and takes this one world wide, but not to worry the director is finding eager movie theaters anyway. Even the buzz on the shuttle buses between venues was only positive.

In the hands of any other actor, the character is bland at best, but Rickman gives Steven Spurrier a certain depth that makes him likable despite his snobbish attitude. And then it’s about all these other things too: You wont get it.

Another problem is that the characters — the tyrannical father and the rebellious son, the snooty European wine connoisseur — are a bit stock, and the personal stories are not as well developed chteau they might be. The cast has good chatdau associated to the beautiful locations that make this little movie worthwhile watching. Full Cast and Crew. It is a feast for the eyes. They were very busy but still managed to help everyone enjoy tastings. There is hardly a word that is true in the script Jim Barrett continues to make wine into his 80s, although Bo now runs the winery.

Jim Barrett Bill Pullman is desperate to scrap up the money to perfect his chardonnay. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Sure there were a few tiny holes here and there, but so what. Rickman’s performance is as close as you can ever get to superb vintage wine.

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His performance alone is worth seeing this. Another worker, Gustavo Freddy Rodriguezthe son of a Mexican field hand, hopes to launch his own label. This is gutsy and refreshing. He is amazed at Jim’s wine and the rest of the area wines. Long story short, the correct cast was billed for the telling of this wonderful event in American history.


The first half would benefit from tighter editing.

Movie ‘Bottle Shock’ recounts the historic Paris wine-tasting contest – Los Angeles Times

Spurrier travels to the not-yet-famous Napa Valley in search of contestants for his Judgment of Paris taste test, where a chance meeting introduces him to foundering vintner Jim Barrett Bill Pullman of Chateau Montelena. To inject some sexiness into the Napa winemaking scene of those early days, Sam, the fetching female intern played by Rachael Taylor “Transformers”who shows up that summer to work at Montelena is given to wearing fringed denim hot pants like a ’70s Daisy Mae.

It put me more in the mood to drink a good bottle of white with my wife, and He travels to California to see if the rumors are true about California’s wines.

Between Mexican vintner whose love of the art is ancestral and imbibed with passion and the rich man who is playing at it — albeit playing hard.

There were some great, touching scenes between the father Pullman and son Chris Pine and with Rodriguez as almost a “son he never had” type of character. I had to see it right away!! Meanwhile, British wine snob Steven Spurrier a delightful Alan Rickman has journeyed from his struggling wine shop in Paris to Napa Valley to see what all the fuss is about regarding California wine.