Mao-chan is a picky eater. Mao’s childishness has overwhelmed him and he’s reverted to a baby! Part Two The group continues the Big Adventure by entering the treasure cave. But what is a butler? After playing in the house they decide to go out for a walk where they meet Shin’s school friends. Honoka has to go out so Mao spends the day with Shin. Tensai Terebi-kun program block, airing from October 10, [6] to February 17, It’s a competition to see who can be the most helpful to their Mamas and Papas.

This page was last edited on 4 February , at The daycare’s Principal and Ms Itou hold a devil’s festival for the children. Honoka reflects on some of her encounters with Shin. Honoka Sawada is a lonely girl who is often picked on by others. So the Principle summons a hairdresser from the Devil World to see if he can help. Mao has a cavity so the Principal summons a dentist from the Devil World to deal with it using devil magic.

Tensai Terebi-kun program block, airing from October 10, [6] to February 17, Chiyo and Ryuu visit the nursery again. Mao-chan is a picky eater.

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It’s a competition to see who can be the most helpful to their Mamas and Papas. Retrieved 17 July Karin-chan starts acting out. Mao-chan is saved by a strange person who knows Mao-chan’s true nature. Honoka becomes intimidated by Shin when he constantly scolds her for her clumsiness. They have to get past all sorts of obstacles.


Kids from another daycare visit Mao-chan’s daycare. Mao-chan is excited to create something for Dhibi and works very hard on the present. At nursery Rai, Mao and Karin are drawing and discussing what they’d like to be when they’re older.

Everyone believes Rai-chan to be a very obedient and good boy. As Honoka and Shin reconcile, Honoka’s aunt, Rikako, comes home and is surprised when she sees Mao-chan.

Mao-chan and the other devil children meet someone new, but they find it hard to interact with the strange creature. It is the day of the play date and everyone manages to get along.

Mao-chan is the last to stand up and walk. Mao-chan spends his first night without Honoka at the nursery, but it voshfr seem to be going so well.

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Everyone’s late to nursery, and the staff want to find out if the reasons are related. Retrieved from ” https: The daycare principal promises Honoka that he will get Mao-chan used to eating cucumbers.

With Shin’s help, Honoka expresses her lonely feelings to her Aunt. It is awkward between Honoka and Shin since Honoka automatically avoids Shin. Honoka and Shin get to meet Karin-chan’s father figure, who turns out to be Natsuki’s younger brother, Itsuki.


Mao-chan is initially very confused but then becomes determined to get his parents to reconcile, believing them to be fighting with each other. Part One Mao-chan would really like a star of his own, so the nursery goes on a trip to the Devil World to get him one.

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Karin-chan goes through a phase of being grumpy and cranky. However, it’s too early still and it won’t rain!

Shiori is busy at school so her butler comes to collect Rai from nursery. Honoka meets some of the other parents and learns that demon children have unique special abilities depending on what costume is worn.

It’s Christmas at the nursery and Mao is excited to meet Santa. Each episode is exactly 5 minutes long.

The Principal chooses to give them the “Big Adventure” dream. A costume design competition was announced on May 28, during the Dai!