I’m the only one here! But these camera moves are super weird… What is up with Frodo and Bilbo, why am I even watching this? Some scenes benefit from an absence of sound or color, but often sound and color are better choices because as humans we only have so many senses to perceive stimuli. S08E36 Pussy Talk 2 That’s right, there’s another one of these movies. April 18th, at As we invariable move towards 4K — directors will need to make sure that things looks as “real” on set as possible. Locations, costumes, props, everything looked great. As you observe, it would seem that one of the implications of HFR being a new medium is that the shooting style ahs to be different.

On the scene where the prisoners are sorted into one of two doors: Though it’s not always a man and a woman. He mocked the Crimebuster saying, “Too bad you can’t chase a criminal up a flight of stairs,” a reference to the common joke about the Daleks being perceived as being unable to climb stairs due to their design. Vincent Laforet, it is a channel surround sound system, made to be able to move sound around the audience instead of just project from a few different general directions. It would seem that in the future, we might see a divergence where the 2d and 3d experiential versions of a movie are totally different. So in actuality, this experience was LESS smooth.

The only parts that allowed us to get into the story were the dark ones where the frame rate worked. After seeing some of the newer technologies with the development of Lidar Sensors, it would be able to bring a better optical convergence and alignment for the viewing experience. It didnt help that russsian introduction felt like it was moving even faster due to the quick pans and flyovers and fast cutting.

I left ccinema theatre with a headache, my ears still hobit and quite disappointed. December 21st, at You just have to see it enough to get used to it, then you will learn to love it. Here I felt like I was witnessing something new and good. Slow motion doesn’t stop gravity!


Vincent Laforet, You are so correct, looked like cinma when I saw it siggraph this past summer! Friday The 13th Part 2. Don’t have enough time to see the new Hobbit films? The immediacy and immanence of traditional oral storytelling and the abstract reflectiveness of literature have been undergoing constant synthesization alongside digital media advancements.

Thanks for your analysis. Namely Pina and Cave of Forgotten Dreams.

The Cinema Snob

So I opted for my first, purest view, to be in 2d. That’s a general PMS joke! Until the end when he says it by accident. Many of them seem to very much like HFR. Karl, you have a misunderstanding of 24fps 3D. I can shoot 2 identical videos on my DSLR at different frame rates and the 24FPS version is almost always the one average people like better…though they usually cite the reason as lighting or something else.

So, if anything else could be said, is that Peter Jackson has got an immense respect from both teams and that is truly rare. Like it happened to several people, It took about 10 minutes for me to get used this new motion.

Whatever it is, it will change and adapt as we learn the language as a community. Therefore, all the observed differences between HFR and standard 24fps that discuss shutter speed, depth of field and such are simply not there.

Would that be marginally better. The Snob tries to reenact the penis and French vagina talking scene with stuffed animals I always wondered why children are so fond of painted Dinema. So much so, in fact, that when I went to see the 2D 24fps version a couple of days later, which I had been so desperate to see after the disappointing first viewing, I actually enjoyed it less than the 2nd HFR viewing though absolutely more than my first viewing of the HFR version!!

This balance has defined the manner in which cinematographers tell stories and is a crucial artistic concept for us to ponder.

But In the end I think it helps to refine a standard even more so. Corrected it in the post and someone quickly pointed out my mistake! It can vastly change my view of a film from viewing to viewing, even though I am watching the exact same film under the same circumstances. Yes I absolutely made that mistake! These are fans of one of the most snov releases and extremely successful film franchises that would have gone no matter the format it was shot in.


Russian Hobbit (with English subtitles) Part 6 of 6

I am not sure what they do with 48fps 3D. When criticizing the negative critical reaction of the film. So, even those it cjnema looked fake, it felt there.

I can understand why younger audience love it. Dear Cinema Snob, you are clearly only choosing this movie just to get hits, and therefore that makes this an inapporpriate movie for you to choose for your otherwise fantistic internet series. But calculated frames will always look different than shot frames. One of the great things for me about how The Lord Russoan The Rings was made was the forced perspective and clever set design used to make the human characters seem taller than the hobbits and dwarves.

I believe only like 5 movies so far have been released including Hobbit. He mocked the Crimebuster saying, “Too bad you can’t chase a criminal up a flight of stairs,” a reference to the common joke about the Daleks being perceived as being unable to climb stairs due to their design. By the way, with Ben Affleck playing Batman, this could mean a Batman vs. I find it interesting that you were perfectly happy with the identical content downsampled to your expectations in 2D.

The location shots took my breath away.

The purpose of HFR is supposedly to make these very fast moving scenes much easier to see. While it was a vastly different experience, it was also an hibbit experience. Yes, it still looks different, but it felt like cinema — beautiful, crystal clear, verdant and vibrant cinema.