The Dirge Singer Korean Special. Park Sang Min Supporting Cast. I’m sure Papa Pyo knows about that. My oldest is 6′ and he had a barely noticeable slouch but my youngest is 6’2″ and I noticed his slouch in middle school. But, Nana would rather not hear anything at all. About 4 minutes into the episode, I was so mesmerized that, at that point it hit me, “I have totally lost my mind to City Hunter!

So yes, we can watch it in the Philippines.. On the Way to School Japanese Movie. Either one of the two will be Badass Daddy’s end, methinks. The Royal Gambler Korean Drama. Dear Sister Japanese Drama. The Last Empress Korean Drama. Usually those flirtations are innocent and part of being human.

Commuting to School Series: She walks out, her suspension effective immediately, and Yoon-sung catches up to her to say that he heard the news. I’m still in that state Raine July 1, at And was stunned that Jin-pyo’s evil laughter was matched by mine!

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Isn’t it 3 birds, 1 stone? Queen of Mystery 2 Korean Drama. Koe Koi Japanese Drama.

Another Everyday Japanese Drama. Which is what happened. And there it was, door closed, lights off, motorcyle. Shitsuren Chocolatier Japanese Drama.

I really, really want a happy ending, and a possibility for another season! Yeah, he can be cold hearted but he still loves YS, and episodw may either be his redeeming quality or his doom Whatever happened to security clearance? All My Love Korean Drama. Somewhat surprising actually because YJ does not know that was YS and yet he trusted him. I know, I got annoyed at first. Do you mean to say he went after the errant presidentiable? Greatest secrets, greatest reveal. The Badly Politics Thai Drama.


I was waiting for an ’emo’ scene resignedly and did not think such a typical good girl crying scene would move me so much. Aside from loving lee min ho, abs cbn also gained profit from airing the dramas of lmh.

Jinpyo gets my blood boiling to, through huntsr this episode and the last episode I kept screaming at Yoon-Sung to just kill him already!!!!!!!! But since he knew the CH was an excellent marksman and amazing fighter, he would be more willing to entrust Nana’s safety to him. Norwegian Wood Japanese Movie. She is kind of funny.

[Recap] City Hunter Episode 7

Can’t you give it a rest please? These are not the clothes of a man raised in the jungle and seem effeminate to me Is it weird that I find angry idealist president kinda hot?

Kyoto Inferno Japanese Movie. You do as I say! Love City Hunter soooooooooo much!

Hot Road Japanese Movie. Nana points her gun at him and Yoon-sung freezes, seeing her there. Enough to randomly lend a couple billion won to a poor stranger who happens to bump into him in exchange for slavery.


God’s Gift – 14 Days Korean Drama. I doubted this drama would go kimchidram dark, but thematically speaking, it would have worked wonderfully with the direction the story is taking. But we can’t come to care for these characters that mush if they don’t let us spend more time with them. I def dig this new friendship going on because as much as YS is a badass on his eisode he really could use as many allies as possible esp if he’s going to keep this double life a secret from others.

Is anyone else having a Kimchideama Lightbulb moment here?

I wonder what JP thinks or knows about Nana? No daddy who’s lying in a coma.