Then she would automatically be best girl in my eyes! There’s a TON of Otherworld scenes that mostly amount to very little – e. Like many of those, Clannad focuses on the experience being felt by the characters, not on how they got to that experience, and that’s okay! Hopefully we’ll have a general discussion thread in the following days so we can share our final thoughts! That’s also why he “remembered” Nagisa’s story about the girl and the doll; he was or would eventually be there. The music, the voice acting, the background, everything’s on point.

That Ushio’s theme you linked is actually a remix on the Memento album and did not appear in the original VN. Wait, is that Sad Lonely World Ushio on the ground in the forest?? The clearing is significant for Nagisa and Ushio, yes, but the changes happening to it didn’t adversely affect them. And it isn’t like Tomoya just received it for nothing. Or sends a message of if you do enough good in the world you’ll get your happy ending too? Ushio is born, and Nagisa dies, because while Tomoya has collected many light orbs which you can see being added one-by-one on the tree in the title card , he simply doesn’t have enough to save Nagisa. The ending is a cop out since it removes the consequences from the majority of After Story to achieve a happy ending. I am ready to read all the polarized comments, bring it on!!!

And the only wish granted in the series up to that point is transferring a soul into a cat. A bit surprising how it turned out, huh? The ending is open for some interpretation so I am interested in what other people take from this episode. It actually happens in the timeline that finally comes to pass.

It has been a long journey, so thanks for those who stuck through the good and bad. Having questions at the end is a nice feeling to me. Lots of shows have gotten away with not fully explained endings before without it being a problem.

A few anime suggestions. You can watch them on Crunchyroll or Animeultima. – Album on Imgur

Clannwd a story of the power of family and of miracles that goes further than any other series out there. When he says that he felt the plants covered Nagisa, it was a fact. The light orbs have been talked about often, and we knew they would be used at some point. Kinda odd to see “End” and then “Preview”… All right.


Clannad is a weird mixture between one of the saddest and one of the happiest shows. Please go back and listen to it once more in a couple days, and pay attention to the English lyrics translation.

Watch Clannad After Story Episode 22 English Subbedat Gogoanime

Lol I’m all right with Fuko staying exactly the way she is. Back to the birth, and is it another vision?

Upon further review, I have come to understand this ending and appreciate it more. So, I’m going to write up an explanation and analysis of the ending based on my understanding from having watched it several times and played the VN. Be the kind of person who can support a friend, take responsibility for a daughter, or forgive a father. All in all, I’m very satisfied with the conclusion. I had a lot of fun reading through the first animeultim and rewatchers comments.

It still makes me seriously tear up just from thinking about it, which is a pretty impressive feat for a hypothetical ending scenario for a show I’ve never even watched and have zero investment in. Thanks for posting the video! No other story has ever come close to evoking as much emotion has Clannad has.

You can interpret a variety of ways. Something about the wishes and dreams of the town causing a miracle? Nagisa was from then on being sustained by the power of the city.

We then get a clip show Ushio growing up, along with almost all the major characters and what they are doing in their life. Ushio died possibly at the same time? I think that’s Mr. Yes, it had awful parts, but I enjoyed the good parts so much more than I hated the bad parts.

A lot of people have felt this way after watching it. The next time your laptop crashes, show it the video explaining the ending, maybe that way it will be able to move on. Didn’t remember there was a preview for he special.

The only thing that would have made it better for me is if there’d been more screen time or anything for Nagisa and the gang. The last 2 episodes don’t send me nearly as strong a message. The original art is god damn wonky. After this rewatch, a lot more things make sense.


It makes Ushio’s death feel like a cheap jab to the ribs just to extract more tears from us, just to have it totally reset next episode. In the case of building karma, the light orbs represent the relationships and “family” that Tomoya is building.

A few anime suggestions. You can watch them on Crunchyroll or Animeultima.

I like how we’re given a small montage of how the rest of the characters we’ve met are doing. Just feels meh to erase that all with supernatural mumbo aftef. This episode is one of the greatest episodes to an anime ever.

So Tomoya and Ushio needed to help by creating enough good deeds and collecting enough light orbs to counterbalance that.

Definitely wanting more feedback from what others thought. Notice how easy it is to remove anything supernatural from the plot, and barely anything changes until the final episode. After Ushio died, I went ahead and watched the next episode, because I was not leaving the story there. Thank you all for making this rewatch special! And as for why illusionary Ushio ends up beneath that tree In fact, the entire first 40 seconds of episde first opening is from this episode, including Fuuko finding Ushio in the woods episodr 0: They make a promise and go full steam ahead.

He tells the story about how Nagisa almost died due to his and Sanae’s unintended negligence, because they were both busy with their respective careers, and how her life is connected to the city after getting saved from her fever. It teaches tells you that being a man isn’t just about taking care of yourself, it’s about taking care of the people you love and that you can move mountains for them.