He expresses his doubt in her abilities and his wish for her to go to another school. Suspicions ” ” Unknown “. December 18, [1]. Yumi goes to Lyoko to search for activated towers while Aelita and Jeremie work on fixing everything. However, Ulrich opts out of the mission when he finds out that Yumi wrote some negative things about him. Why is he coming to see us without Aelita? Ulrich disposes of the tracking device and everyone comes back to Earth just as Graven enters the lab with the girls. Got a YouTube account?

They find it but don’t manage to destroy it, as when it’s damaged it sends out an electromagnetic pulse that causes the Lyoko Warriors pain. As Laura leaves, Aelita thanks her for her help. Jeremie offers Laura the controls and goes to find Aelita, realizing her “mother” is actually a spectre, and tries to convince her of it. Odd destroys the wall using a scanner eyepiece programmed by Jeremie and deactivates the tower. In the end, Aelita is able to speak to her mother, convincing her that she is alive before she, too, is devirtualized by Ninjas. The tower deactivated itself because Odd lost the last of his source codes to the spectre. Towers are being activated and deactivated constantly.

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Engliish then formulates a protection plan where the “codeless” protect the people who can’t return to Lyoko for 12 hours, and who have nowhere to hide from XANA’s spectres. We’ll have to manage alone!

He tries to help but accidentally breaks the sound system. Meeting ” ” Unknown “. William who was left on Earth tries to stall her, but fails, and Laura ends up back at the lykoo. Views Read Edit View history. Laura is called in to help, but they don’t make much progress. With little choice, they welcome her into the group as the seventh member of Team Lyoko, which she gladly accepts.

Jeremie and Aelita program false source codes that will destroy any specter that tries to take them from a Lyoko Warrior, and tests it using Ulrich as a guinea pig. Not only did I not know how to devirtualize you When Laura and her dad arrive, Aelita goes back to the lab xode get them out of Jeremie’s way so the mission can be completed. During a training mission on the Cortex, the Megapod bugs up and Jeremie is forced to figure rpisode how to repair it.


Odd races codr the activated tower with the spectre in hot pursuit. Della Robbia, you’re going for a trip to the principal’s office! They return home and Odd comes to the lab feeling gloomy about not actually winning the lottery and his situation with Samantha, having bought a thousand red roses to give to her thinking he truly had won the jackpot.

Code Lyoko Evolution- Episode 3(98)- Spectromania Sub English

December 15, [1]. Subtitles Comments 0 Revisions 6 Edit Subtitles. She humiliates Jeremie by correcting his mistakes on a complex exercise in class. Also, Tyron has all the time he needs to find a way to counteract the virus. Ulrich disposes of the tracking device and everyone comes back to Earth just as Graven enters the lab with the girls.

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Speaking of Aelita, since she’s not here, which of us will pilot the Skid? Aelita also finds something very mysterious about her late father – Waldo Schaeffer – in the Cortex’s interface.

Jeremie decides not to try it again as it is too risky. Why is he coming to see us without Aelita? A furious Jeremie permanently excludes Laura from the group and launches a new modified version of the return to the past to have her memory fully evolutionn for defying him and the rest.

Code Lyoko Evolution- Episode 19- The Trap- AVEIABLE!!!!

William ends up being left alone to fend off the Ninja, which is heading for the Core of Lyoko itself. The plan works, and they trap a rvolution, but things go horribly wrong when it ends up on Lyoko in the form of blackish-green particles, severely damaging and disabling the scanners and putting the Lyoko Warriors it touches into a coma-like state with black and green eyes.

Aelita replies that her father didn’t abandon lyooko, but selflessly sacrificed himself for her, and asked Laura if her own father would do the same for her. Jeremie decides to organize a meeting with Tyron himself to ask some questions. It captures William and it’s up to Yumi, Aelita, and Ulrich to set him free again.


He enters the tower and reaches the floating panel, but the spectre then enters the tower after him. An Assured Professional Future ” ” Unknown “. Friday the 13th ” ” Unknown “.

Obstinacy ” ” Unknown “. Odd, Aelita and Yumi cannot return to Lyoko as they were there not long englisn, so it’s up to Ulrich and William to put their differences aside and get Ulrich to the tower to deactivate it. She denies it, but Aelita comes in and tells her that Tyron found the Supercomputer, and that she must lyokl immediately. Laura insists on staying, deciding to show him the Supercomputer as proof of what she can do.

Code Lyoko Evolution- Episode Jeremy’s Blues- French Audio with subtitles | Amara

They intend to learn more about this mysterious, ever-changing sector. Aelita suddenly is evklution and suspicious of this new girl, who seems to want to discover their secret.

I can’t even tell how many there are, let alone which side to attack! Ulrich wins the competition and gives his trophy to Jim, thanking him greatly for his advice. May 4, iTunes December 12, Canal J [1]. A man named Graven shows up at Kadic asking after Jeremie, the smartest kid in school, offering him a place in a special scientific institution specialising in quantum physics. Jeremie discovers that the lottery wins are happening all over Europe, and realises that it must be XANA.