Lovelorn dreamboat Nick ‘The Hit Maker’ Helm performs one of his poems straight from his fragile, tattered heart. At the Edinburgh Fringe festival, Williams presented his debut play, Travesty , following previews in London. This episode is subtitled 5 mins. Katy Perry is unimpressed. Vic confronts Brent, death and some fish. Rachael’s become a good person but Lisa is having none of it. Strong language and adult humour This episode is subtitled 3 mins Mr Jason gets teased and memed by the pupils Very strong language This episode is subtitled 4 mins

Tracey thinks she may be pregnant, and in a failed attempt to get the morning-after pill, seeks help from her neighbour, estate wheeler-dealer Fat Lesha. A sitcom where worlds collide. I’m writing a few bits and pieces and I made a short film for Sky about a guy turning into a car so I’m trying to see if I can extend that idea. I feel like a lot of Lettings Agents might feel after watching it that I have no idea what being a Lettings Agent. I’m just excited for the final degrees of the to be complete. James Kirk desperately wants to go on one date without anyone getting hurt.

Al Roberts is someone who I originally saw up at the Fringe and thought would be famous tomorrow. Strong language This episode is subtitled 8 mins. New home help Coral is supposed to be looking after Les but seems to be spending more time flirting with his son, unemployed fishing fanatic Ricky. At the end of a date with a beautiful woman, Ryan sloppily shows us How to French Kiss. Another board meeting is interrupted as the bloody first floor is on fire now guys.

I think it’s important when making someone as potentially loathsome as Stath that you give him some human redeeming qualities. A lot of stuff tends to err on the side of the slightly more serious which if I’m being completely honest I probably enjoy more than big broad comedies that are out at the moment.

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James Kirk desperately wants to go on one date without anyone getting hurt. Ricky is preparing an important interview for his online fishing show and needs his dad’s help. He doesn’t know fear. Ryan demonstrates the art of lying, as he fibs his way out of attending his brother’s wedding, only to end up on a hot date instead. Can DI Fox badger it out of the weasel? Inspired by a fly, Business Mouse takes a ‘shit or bust’ punt on developing his own global air fleet.


The last part of Lives of the Infamous shows, for the first time, the full-length version of novelty pop classic, Wet Spanish Legs, by Adam and Dunhill Wanger, and the twins’ final downfall. Time for a showdown. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. The survivors of a plane crash stuck on a deserted tropical island have to work together to survive a sociopath air steward. I think he’s going be a bit of a star and if we get a second series certain characters will grow and he’ll definitely be one of them.

After each Edinburgh festival, Williams performed his most recent show at the Soho Theatre and http: I’m constantly pitching for an episode where she applies to be on The Apprentice! Meg’s got a date, although not with an actual person. Along the way, several successful YouTubers give him help and advice. The series was broadcast on BBC Radio 4.

This episode is subtitled 16 mins. The nation’s hearthrob Nick Helm will not take no for an answer and he has 15 reasons to make you stay. A big similarity between the two is this idea of getting really stressed out or excited about things that are really insignificant are things that I’ve drawn on from Father Ted.

After the press release had gone out to say that the series was being made, I remember a Lettings Agent commenting on it saying “Oh brilliant. Williams’s Edinburgh show was called Bonfire Night.

We’re both very wobbly boys.

Stath Lets Flats time, channel, and who is its star Jamie Demetriou? | Metro News

Will he make it? There’s a dinner party at Daniel’s place, and all he has to do is chip in. Strong language and graphic violence This episode is subtitled 13 mins.

Jamie Demetriou’s tall characters are sturggling to be good at life There were crew members that requested that they stood outside because they were so freaked out but it was a lot of jamoe. Strong language This bla;s is subtitled 4 mins Tezcorp’s digi-photomatic photo booth is built to frustrate, infuriate and make its users look like lunatics.


Stath’s equally inept sister Sophie is also employed there on continual work experience. Liam Williams, limping round Latitude”. Which is difficult because you don’t want to make them loathsome. From the experience of doing this series you do realise that writing stuff and performing in it yourself is the height of fun so I’d like to continue doing that in any way I can!

Offline, they’re money-grabbing hypocrites.

Jamie Demetriou: Stath

In Williams performed a new show at Edinburgh, Capitalism. The extraordinary life story of twins Adam and Dunhill Wanger, who ruled London’s murky underworld before being brought to their knees by an ingenious Scotland Yard sting during Miss London in I don’t think he’s aware of any of his defining characteristics.

In the treacherous world of modern television commissioning, executive Ralph Michaels must secure a commission to keep his company afloat and his wife’s kitchen refurb on track Strong language and adult humour 11 mins. I can’t believe he’s now cooking me granola every morning and sending me letters from fake independent corporations saying I owe them thousands of pounds.

Sometimes I was looking for flats but I did do some viewings for research. Channel 4 has commissioned a new six-part comedy series, starring Jamie Demetriou as an incompetent letting agent. Comedy Television Channel 4 features. The last part of Lives of the Infamous shows, for the first time, the full-length version of novelty pop classic, Wet Spanish Legs, by Adam and Dunhill Wanger, and the twins’ final downfall Adult humour This episode is subtitled 2 mins The show is about London Greek-ness and the way that looks and feels.

Stath Lets Flats

It’s a comedy about a family run lettings agency and an incompetent Lettings Agent who needs to listen more than he talks. Expect thrills and moss.

Mr Jason has a visit from a pupil’s father. Dan’s the man for Leicester Mercury title.