Will give it another go next trip. If I agree with you, then we would both be wrong! We use it to heat water for showers and find it very good. I am happy to go for a swim in the river and be done with it. Registration of new members must be approved by admin. Powered by SMF 1.

Forum rules Friendliness First – Always! HEM19X on October 07, , Guests can only see a limited number of boards at present and cannot see any hot links. Like you, I too would be interested to read about the latest against the older. We would use the HWS during our ten week sojourn to Ningaloo Station so I want a system I can leave set up and just add water to the container each day. The Logic may have features I don’t need.

We find with ours that if we shut the water off while soaping up, we can get both of us showered one at a time, mind from 1×20 ltr bucket. The Logic may have features I don’t need. Stozz, no pics but it looks like the pump fits into the Jerry where the normal tap goes – not sure if it has the same thread on it or not. The main reason in my choice was no battery to go flat for infrequent users, uses my existing pol gas cylinder already fitted to CT and comes in a spiffy carry bag to pack in the CT or ute.

I believe there were a few problems with the previous one. April 18, The Driver did some simple mods to it to make it fit but in the end we haven’t been using it. Registration of new members must be approved by admin. Geoff – thanks for your input. Will give it another go next trip. We find it much better for us to heat the water in a canoe drum by recirculating the water through the pump which heats 20 litres in about 5 minutes or so.

We then run a separate 12 volt shower unit using a connection from the caravan battery.


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Had to turn the temp down on it as it was too hot. Also interested in a comparison between it and the Coleman unit if anyone has used both. The method you use is food for thought. All messages on this forum express the personal views of the author and should not be interpreted as necessarily being in accord with those of the forum owner and neither the owner of this forum and its domain name nor SMF or the forum software developers or the forum host shall be held responsible for the content of any message.

For that we use the stove. So I am ocmpanion to hear from actual users of these portable water heaters too. Anyone had any experience with this new model? I am happy to go for a swim in the river and be done with it. Companiom you got a pic of how you mounted yours? Welcome to seriea Australianelectronicgoldprospectingforum founded in Julyan add free totally independent forum with over 70 boards and paid for and managed by the Admin.

Powered aquachbe SMF 1. Do you know what the difference is between the two? Perhaps not hot enough for a cup of tea – although possibly close. Post by Use a name. See the index page for the full list.

Aqua Cube Series II

Apparently earlier models had some endemic issues which are now resolved. HEM19X on October 07, We use it to heat water for showers and find it very aquacuhe. But, if you’ve got a good water supply, then go for it To get your Shirts, Coolers, Stickers and other Myswag. Having used our Series 2 for the first time yesterday at an actual campsite I can say I’m very impressed.

GeoffA on April 18, I was scared to ask incase it went pear shape like battery threads I am on my own – as in single – so I don’t need as much hot water for showers etc as some do Glad you go a good one Griz Hem. I think it has been discontinued, cmopanion it had happened last year. I note it has a 2year warranty which should offer some peace of mind. Darling will probably use 40 ltrs.


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I made up another tube which fits on the hot water outlet and this goes back into the drum to recirculate as we heat the water. We’ve ours setup in a shower tent away from the CT so not real handy if you need it aqyacube make a cuppa.

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I was looking at one as wellwent to BCF the other daythey had 9 in stockall ready to be sent back for a recalltoo many failures apparently. Great place – although I shouldn’t be shouting too loudly about it here! We contacted Companion with some feedback but they never responded. Please login or register. Guests can only see a limited number of boards at present and cannot see any hot links. All moderators from Prospecting Australia PA forum are banned until my membership there is reinstated.

Guest cannot post and never will be permitted too! Was hot compajion that it could scold a child. We currently just use a bucket companioj our existing cheap 12V pump but sand in the water is always an issue. We’ve gotta keep the “Lovely Ones” happy. Hope to try it out over easter. After reading all the threads here on camp showers I have bought the Aqua Cube, set it up this arvo and Darling is very impressed indeed.

Thanks Hem – we might try that. I think they have a series 2 availablemaybe yours is the new one.