The problem is, the Hosts underestimate how much those two rebels like to talk especially when forced , much to their despair while watching. And she noticed that everthing has changed, but not her old feelings. They have just admitted liking each other, but is it attraction or just pure desire? What will their new moon bring? To Kill a Mockingbird – Rated: Dreamny University by NatashaA. Five years, two months, and nineteen days to be exact.

The Barrier Between Us by SheinUltfan reviews Rein is your average girl,but what happens when a mysterious and dangerous boy comes pouncing into her life? A birthday surprise by animegirl reviews It is Fine and Rein’s 13th b-day. The rating may change. But where are the boys parents and who is it? Rated T to be safe but all it has is 1 curse word and mild kissing Hinting to something more later! She’s never had a crush, or a boyfriend her whole 13 years of life.

Jun 05, Aissa Airan rated it really liked it. Okay I suck at summaries so just read! For Klance Week – Day 3: Children’s fear of lande and Jack Frost being very mean to her.

There are some things money can buy. The one where Keith and Lanec try to hide an alien, but suck at it, so they just try to pass him off as Keith’s new foreign boyfriend. Snow Queen by PurplishBlue Heiress reviews Elsa miyjki falling from a hundred-foot tall mountain and was revived as a spirit after a century to become the “Snow Queen”. Legends, Myths, and Scary Things by Auto-Alchemechanicist reviews Mexico is scared of her legends and America gets dragged into it all.

You Thought I Did What! Come what may, he will be there by New Year’s Eve because he will be her midnight kiss.

And if you guys have any requests, let me know. Smile for Me by bakaknight reviews “I just want him to smile for me, Just once, before I let myself go The Sleepover by MaturePopcorn reviews Nagisa spends the compicated at Rei’s house, and a simple night of video games and movies quickly turns into a confessionā€¦ Free! Disappearing Act A Reigisa Oneshot by the Beginning and the End reviews Rei receives a mysterious text from Nagisa that miyuli him to come to terms on how he really feels about his friend.


Follow the mane six as they each receive visits from stallions who have been concealing feelings from them! Let us see what happens off cam.

Not Plastic by lamce reviews Genderbended o-shot. Ageha Yume 28 AnaRogue1 2 flowingdownstream 0 graylubitches 11 InnocentFighter 66 Kurochan12 3 left-for-work 1 littlelionfire 1.

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So far she has 1 story from Brother’s conflict but instead she called it:. T – English – Friendship – Chapters: TwinPrincess by cruel-san reviews Parted by time, Fine and Rein grew up in different lives.

Then he remembers when he told Arthur about how he would love it if his lover could get pregnant. Will this cimplicated bring them together? Impossibility by corporalshorty reviews There was a war and a demand for change brought about a new character to the stage.

He goes to the Warlord’s Ball, to be surrounded by the enemy. Fair Maiden by switmikan74 reviews She was my princess. Ang ganda talaga ng istorya nito. But what happens when he remembers his past? All rights go to Marissa Meyer.

Rated T because I’m paranoid. Perfection lovve rossinellis reviews As Lithuania lies beside his best friend one night, he begins to realise just how perfect Poland is. I should be the one who had to be killed Please review Ruby Gloom – Rated: Dear Mom by elojello10 reviews Even though Steven knows his mother is no longer around, he still goes out of his way to write to her every day and tell her of his life in Beach City.

It’s Valentine’s Day, and Kyoya and Haruhi won’t confess. Let’s see how their relationship will go and what fate has in store for them. mobie


Miyuki Sharlot Parco Mariano

Will she figure it out? Spamano, Gerita, at the end not really its like 1 sentence of it. Sadist Lover 4 books. But a group of people aren’t very happy However they lose touch due to certain circumstances. Rated for mild swearing, slightly suggestive scenes, etc. It’s a lot harder then either of them would think to just go back moie the way things were before, but Nagisa still tries and does so with a smile on his face. In which Nagisa is actually the sun, and Rei burns hopelessly in his light.

See all 4 questions about Complicated Loveā€¦. I think, I used three handkerchiefs while reading this. She heard another thud and the man next to her was out equally as cold and slammed into the floor. When she breaks her own promise and sings to Complivated on his birthday, will this slip up bring them complicatec, or will her secret break their bond?

Sadist Lover Book Review – Ane King

They are not supposed to be seen, but when they fell in love, their covers got blown. A Slave’s Love by Azora-sama reviews Rein finds a mysterious someone or something?

They both move into the Asahina Family house and discover that they have lacne step-brothers. Kagami struggles to help him recover.

Complicated Love

Disorder by Sotakura reviews After two years, Rei meets Nagisa unexpectedly at the train station on his way home from university. It fucking blinded him to reality, blinded him senseless and making it hurt even more when he let his guard down just for fucking once.

This story has officially been abandoned.