Loved seeing Padre Julian drop his bike in astonishment. Permalink posted by CorazonSalvaje ; I can’t stand it. She’ll Probably flip out. She’s no better than Miguel’s wife, the very person who killed her grandfather. Both Lilian and Marta have spent a whole lot of time and effort battling each other over men. Halfway through the comments now, but have to stop and meterme, even though it might have already been addressed.

I think Rancho Simona will run out of funds tout suite. And what the worse, this novela has awful message for now. It’s all true except for the lemonade! But that doesn’t sound like the David we know or the story we’ve been following. Urban, this was far, far superior to the episode. He was determined to tell the police because he knew that Mark could not have done that.

I am not looking forward to Lu rushing to Dave’s side as soon as she hears the news. Lizi voices her reservations to Acacia about keeping the real person behind coraazon show secret and taking the credit. Marta seems to have even if subconsciously primed Luci to be the other woman.

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Maybe he is in for a complete makeover! Gingo, I always loved your fashion comments. Lil allegedly has friends too – we know because she calls indkmable up and tells the lies about her imaginary boyfriend.

The tequila companies are seeing a huge increase in sales. Yes, everyone loves her but being a narcissistic, adulterous hypocrite is a terrible flaw.


Permalink posted by Urban Anthropologist 8: Wednesday, November 20, at 2: Fer decides they will go in to see Esmeralda and tells Gisela he will deal with her later. You left out one of Lil’s good things: Or will they measure the guns and the one with the bigger gun wins? NiecieGS has had facial hair before. I did see Marta getting the flag from Gutierrez’s casket did he even have family members? Marta began to cry.

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I love how he looked in this novela. Yowza that man’s got a bod. I did see the avances, Cynthia, but couldn’t tell if it was for tonight or just the future in general.

We would realize that whole episodes of Reina could not be shown late at night or early in the morning because The other woman could just as easily have been anyone else, and for all we know there could have been more. Permalink posted by martaivett 9: Plus, I’d be afraid to remove the mole, seeing how the last person who lost their mole turned crazy afterwards! The big however here is the flag. Or will it deflate? He said he would do so after work and not to worry.

The guards continue to keep Jarocha and Gisela separated. Yes, Ramon is an idiot.

Duplication of this material for use on any other site is strictly prohibited. That this is helping to get Fernanda into “the right school” is the only positive in her view. An operation to give Solita hearing yes but marrying a nobody, no. If they think we want to see WWIII between the old heifers over man 3 at this late stage they are smoking crack down there.


I do not get it. What about Luciana Marta? Marta was in the kitchen packing things. Well maybe she was cuz lil sure As hell wasn’t,she was to busy stealin From him and the grandkids. Marta stroked the flag, saying that if it were not for Lillian this story would have been different. I think it belongs in the Olympics. SusanLynn, I was actually Cher that year I wore that wig. Now you will die. English language recaps of Telenovelas.

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I’m not a parent but I can’t imagine the devastation experienced by a parent who discovers that one of her children has killed another, and in this case the only other. How many more episodes to indojable I want Barb to fall off a cliff. Dave might lose his beard Permalink posted by xlnt Hissabela complained to Enrique that the apartment Fernando gave her is smaller than a horse stall. That she is already wondering at what DisGrace has become will make that all the worse.