Pam and Aaron grow closer as he demonstrates that some of the best things in life are free — like a moonlight tour of their historic neighborhood. So Cliff arranges for her music teacher to give her private lessons. Vanessa sneaks out to see the movie anyway, but soon regrets it when she begins having nightmares. The next day, he is less concerned about his image and more interested in helping his kids. In the day’s most exciting match-up, Sondra and Nancy defend against the moving team’s sneaky maneuvers and sloppy execution. And when Vanessa’s ex-boyfriend, Robert, comes over and finds her in the company of two other guys, the lovesick teenager begs Cliff to help him win Vanessa back. Stacey Dash as Michelle, Denise’s friend Note:

Cliff tries to give Rudy his facts-of-life speech the one about boys being like helicopters and girls being like geraniums. But it is Cliff who is most inspired. In the fall of , White became a regular cast member of that series. Cliff wants to hold a formal funeral in the bathroom, but the rest of the family has other ideas about the proper site for the “memorial”. Cliff buys a new juicer and gives strict instructions to Rudy and her friend Peter not to touch it. Clair tells Pam about an over-eager young suitor named Cliff who learned to respect teenage Clair’s decision about the time and the place for intimacy.

The conversation conducted by Cliff is an ingenious one and also becomes a hilarious inquisition when Cliff uses a pair of apples, designated “Jeremy” and “Vanessa,” to discern just how close the two of them were when they were parked in Jeremy’s car! As Halloween approaches, the Huxtables make elaborate preparations shkw look forward to dressing up in outlandish costumes.

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But, unimpressed by Russell’s old-fashioned diversion, Olivia rar him to give her pastime a try instead — and another video-maniac is born. When Martin’s ex-wife Paula Victoria Rowell calls Olivia from the airport after her departure is delayed, Denise impulsively invites the woman she has never met to join the Huxtables for Thanksgiving dinner.

With an exam on William Shakespeare ‘s Macbeth less than two days away, Theo and his friend Cockroach scheme to pass the test without reading the play. Contributors Become a contributor. In other football news, Clair demonstrates some impressive baton-twirling moves, while Olivia sticks to her original plan to become “Dr. But when Harmon drops out and a mysterious, late-bidding stranger challenges Cliff dollar for dollar, the auction gets fast and furious.


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An ecstatic Cliff and Clair are the only happy Huxtables when summer vacation ends and school bells ring for the kids. Meanwhile, Denise’s prospective employer, a photojournalist who is preparing a book on the pygmy tribes, persuades Cliff and Clair to allow Denise to accompany her to Africa.


The two culprits quickly cover up their defacement of the dessert but to no avail — Clair discovers the icing over the hole they have stuffed with paper towels! Lucas, offers to sell Denise his aunt’s old car.

Cliff desperately tries to talk her out of it, claiming that babies are “false advertising. But their plans are thwarted when Theo has a surprise visitor — the girl of his dreams, Lana Herman. But later, high fever and Elvin’s thoughtless comments about “letting our mothers take our Babies” send Sondra into an escalating spiral of suspicion and revenge. But his attempt to hustle the salesman fails when a window shopper recognizes the disguised Cliff as Dr.

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The college, which Denise now attends, is paying tribute to President Zachariah J. Cliff is sshow to join his former teammates from Hillman College in a grudge match against Norton University, until he discovers he is 25 years out of shape.

Going by production order, this was Lisa Bonet’s final performance as Denise, who appears briefly in the first scene of the episode.

Now a senior, Pam wants to attend a college like Hillman with her best friend, Charmaine. Dad — get with it! Retrieved teho ” https: Lindquist, Jake’s grandfather, who is active in raising money for cancer research. Cliff finally adds it all up and pulls Rudy aside for a heart-to-heart talk. Cliff suggests that Theo take Justine to a long foreign film with subtitles if epiisode really wants to be alone with her.

But even more surprising — she brings with her a new husband, naval officer Martin Kendall, and his 3-year-old daughter, Olivia. The Huxtables perform another spirited lip-sync, as they did for the grandparents’ 49th, this time to James Brown ‘s ” I Got the Feelin’. The New York Times. This episode was originally produced for season six.

But Sondra upsets Elvin’s football-watching plans by promising their help in moving two friends to a new apartment. Photos from the individual The Cosby Show episodes are listed along with the The Cosby Show episode names when available, as are the dates of the original airing of the episode.

Babymania grips the Huxtable household, with Elvin videotaping every waking moment of his children’s lives. Cliff’s ingestion of a sausage hero immediately before bedtime brings on a dream in which spores contaminate the U. While staying at a friend’s house for a weekend, Theo has his ear pierced to prove his independence. Impressed, they offer to fly him to their San Francisco headquarters for an interview.

Cliff forbids year-old Vanessa to ihs a scary movie; though he allows older brother Theo to go. Meanwhile, Alfred, a nervous expectant father turns to Cliff for tips on how to play basketball with his future son. But Cliff and his mother, Anna, use reverse psychology to convince him to blow the trombone with his pals once again. Hugh O’Neill Teleplay by: Theo wants the freedom to date other women, but when his girlfriend Justine shows episodr at the college hangout with another sho, Theo’s attitude turns her off.


Cliff is chosen to be honored with a very prestigious award: Meanwhile, it is love at first sight when Rudy meets Stanley, one of Theo’s students.

When Clair asks Lorraine, Martin’s mother, to clarify the remark, it becomes clear that Martin’s the culprit here.

Meanwhile, Cliff takes a mini-vacation at home. Denise has neglected to confirm the reservation for the housing. Cliff and Clair suspect that Theo is not telling the whole truth about his tardiness, so a Huxtable family court is convened, with Vanessa as the judge, Clair as the prosecutor, Cockroach as Theo’s defense attorney, Rudy, Kenny and Peter as the jury, and Cliff as the surprise witness.

Add the first question. This opening cosbyy sequence, choreographed by Geoffrey Holderis the only one during the series’ entire run that featured the whole cast dancing together. Bonet does not appear as a regular this season, having departed for the spinoff series, A Different World. Physician of the Year Jan 17 – Cliff is set to receive an important award, but a woman goes into labor right before the ceremony.

Also, Cliff tries in vain to teach Rudy to ride a bicycle while Vanessa seeks advice from Denise on every teenager’s nightmare: Cliff gives the children a lecture on the importance of picking their father a suitable gift instead of the neon ties and yo-yos they usually buy him.

Epislde family, thinking Elvin’s decision will lead to one of Sondra and Elvin’s infamous fights, is shocked when Sondra readily agrees that Elvin should do whatever he feels like doing.

What is the name of the Cosby show episode when Theo gets his ear pierced?

Theo Huxtable and his friends are determined to treat their dates to the best prom night cosny can buy.

When Cliff’s father and his old Army buddies join Cliff in a pinochle game, Cliff is frustrated because the older men keep talking about the Army and will not let Cliff get in a word about his days in the Navy. Meanwhile, Cliff dons the wardrobe of a perfect English gentleman and joins Rudy for a spot of tea.