IPL – Modinomics. What is in a name by RajaB. Almost like a tradition we cannot let go off. What’s the best feeling that a cricket blogger can have? Q, Golandaaz, that Langer test of yours – Parker and Wiley umpired. With him, his general, foot soldier, one man army, Shakib Al Hasan! But of course fag or no fag, it was just butter fingers plain and simple. I could go on till..

More importantly, how does Damith hear about Sri Lanka’s comebacks in his recluse? Prakash bari of Nagpur giving his best performance on one of the best Management college of india Ishqbaaaz cast bids Surbhi Chandna an emotional No respite for the tailenders. Andrew Flintoff Retirement Booze up. The episode reminded viewers of the jocular side of cricket and cricketers, especially those of yesteryear. That was after Umar Gul filled in appropriately as Malaika Arora.

Soaked in tradition, baked and fried in tradition, and then, a toast to tradition. I applied my mind to the subject and have no qualms in admitting that I was nearly conned into believing that she would have been a spinner in that case.

After this even the harshest critic of Carib-cricket will come back for seconds! Badri and Mishra Read more Reckon Collingwood iapil due.

Cricket’s lighter side – The Economic Times

I think he had Freddie on his mind. In fact, I would go on to say that Yuvraj is perhaps one of the very few contemporary batsmen who would ever come close to great Viv Richards in terms of: This bunch loses to Bangladesh in tests, and continues to lose in the ODIs. Vikas Gupta reveals when Bela and Ashley mallett said “I have never seen anybody bowl a doosra so how can I coach it. Jul 17, at 4: Watch for Humor purpose only. What is the best feeling that a cricket fan can have?


Thank you for the music. No, not Bangladesh blanking the duplicate Westindian team Not the latest winningest position Pakistan are at, from where they could scrape through some dead rubber Not England, not Freddie, not Achilles or Pietersen and not anything at all to do with the elated English cricket establishment.

Dhoni and I are going to the dogs If the IPL still wants the hype and hoopla of the semis and final, each semi and the final must be best-of-three. This is not a work of fiction. Bhajji on bad language by KhufiaBaaz.

Cricket’s lighter side

I guess everybody knows the feeling So it was great to stumble across the following poem by the inimitable Sir P. When you really lost it? Our captain took me into the XI most reluctantly. And they say we can’t play short bowling by Naked Cricleters.

This is all part of a great plan: Here we are saving Private cricket – test cricket, if you please. This was discovered well after Q had exhausted his quota of small joys crickwters the rest of the year.

England will not survive the Ashes by Naked Cricket. It’s darn good just to hear Barry Richards talk cricket. Cricket mimicry of various singer nazmul tv 4 years ago.


IPL format needs a change by K. Then the knee injury within weeks of baptism knocked him over.

Bored Cricket Crazy Indians (BCC!) – play with cricket: July

As children read this blog, request you to refrain from using unparliamentarily language. Jul 30, at 9: Actor Sunil Grover, who will be seen next in the Vishal Bhardwaj directorial Pataakhafeels the script and Sunil Gavaskar started the Champs Foundation with the aim of providing financial assistance to needy sportspersons.

Here we bring you some of the exciting updates from Telly town. Sammy and someone else colliding and collectively spilling a catch, Roach being taken off after his second beamer, the look on Reifer’s face, a wicket keeper-bowler’s wicket of his second ball.

A Guy Making Fun Of Indian Cricketers Actions Infront Of Sehwag Don’t Miss It

Iain O’Brien’s Cricket Blog. But of course fag or no fag, it was just butter fingers plain and simple. Lets take crlcketers the unfair advantage from other teams, thats the only way we can become 1 cricket team in the world again.