Ilgook treats the triplets to gyozas and breaks his vegetarian diet when Daehan feeds him a dumpling. Fuji, but Sarang isn’t interested at all. Taeyoung prepares a surprise event for Eugene and Rohui. Later at home Sarang and her mom Shiho have a cheongsam dress fashion show at home. Later Sarang shows her braveness when Sunghoon takes her to the doctor’s office for a check up and shots, and she doesn’t throw a fit. Hwijae takes the twins on their first subway ride and visit Olympic park for a nice picnic.

The twins head to Busan with dad and their grandfather to visit the naval museum and see the ship grandpa was assigned to. They prepare a surprise event with their grandpa! Hwijae has prepared a big event for the funny twins! Later the Lees enjoy a roasted pig shank dinner. The Songs are still enjoying their camping trip. Junu and Junseo start the day by fighting and Hyunsung takes them out to fly a kite. Sarang has a judo match with her grandfather.

The Song’s later go to a dumpling restaurant where the triplets and Ilgook show their huge appetite by devouring 8 orders of steamed dumplings. Notify me of new comments via email. Yakkung goes to get a haircut but he gets so scared that he wails in the hair salon. In a lot of scene, he will be seen comfortable doing stuff with other family while his two brothers are assisted by their dad. Seoeon and Seojun become friends with two octopuses.

Soeul and Daeul take the subway by themselves to find Dad, who is waiting for them at a campsite. Despite of being a tough moment for his dad, this triathlon was also tough for the kids, because in each stage they had to endure for at least 40 minutes in the carriage until their dad finish.


‘Superman Returns’ Song Il Gook visits dentist with triplets : Drama Stories : KDramaStars

Sarang and her mother invite friends to their home to anticipate SungHoon’s fight match. The last time the Lees visited Su-gyeong, Seoeon showed lots of interest in Byeol, but this time around both him and Seojun are more interested in the banana she is eating.

Sarang and Yuto go on a floating boat restaurant and hear their favorite song being performed. Jion’s family have a party to celebrate this event! Daebak has a race for the first time in his life and he surprises his dad with his amazing speed! Soyul takes care of her baby brother just like a mom and Daeul always tries to stay next to his sister. Hwijae later brings the twins with him for an eye examination.

And the twins get really shocked! The Lees goes to a art center to make a birthday gift for mom. He finds the task hard as he is not familiar around the kitchen, with the help of his older twin daughters Jaesi and Jaeah he manages to make scramble eggs for everyone.

The Choovely family spend their last day in Okinawa. To avoid Sarang getting mad at him he takes her to the Disney store and lets her pick out whatever she wants. Sarang visits her older cousin Yume in Kyoto, Japan.



It’s to meet Elsa of “Frozen! Shiho invites all the moms to visit Japan.

Seoeon and Seojun head out to see what this mysterious animal is! The Choos di some fitness at home mansf Shiho teaching Sarang yoga moves. Haru spends a fun day on dates with daddy and even shoots and stars in her own children’s book.

Those people give strength to the future human being. Sarang has a fun play date with her dad where they play cake shop. Sunghoon has a lot of memories in Busan before Sarang was born so they travel to Busan. Jion is off to meet the horse Louis which has a special relationship with Taewoong.

Jion usually doesn’t like climbing up the stairs but she tries climbing up to the top of Suwon Hwaseong! Hwijae takes the twins on their episodee subway ride and visit Olympic park for a nice picnic. Later his friend Hyeon-cheol visits his home to learn how to take care of kids. Sarang goes on a date with her grandpa.

Hwijae wants to decorate a cake for his friend Yoon Hyung Bin’s son th day but the twins won’t stop eating the icing cream on the cake. The Choos have an enjoyable hike in the woods, later they prepare a surprise for Shiho to celebrate her birthday.