Seola, Sua and Daebak go to a market! It’s like a scene from the movies. The Choovely family have gathered to celebrate Sunghoon’s father’s birthday. It’s two dogs of their neighbor Taecyeon, Eddie and Hari. Yunjeong and Kyungwan can’t get enough of their newborn son, they constantly admire him and have a photoshoot for him. Hwijae cooks dinner for his former teacher while struggle to cook on an rural stove.

Sarang goes shopping for swimwear with her grandparents and sees her grandfather’s romantic side towards her grandmother. Later he shows off his gardening skills to Hyejin when she returns home. Hwijae takes Seoeon and Seojun to a baby play facility where Seoeon encounters his first love. Jiyong and Seungjae go on an impromptu trip together with strangers to Yangyang County. And even Seola joins them! They get prepared and the race has begun! Father and daughter have a fun chat during a hot bowl of ramen, the next day the two participate in a DIY chocolate course. Hwijae and the twins goes to the Noryangjin fish market to explore.

The kids play back stage at KBS headquarters.

[Kvariety] Song Il Guk and his triple trouble triplets ~ ep 4 | Four Seasons Dramas!

He brought daenan whole bunch of presents for Sarang. Yakkung goes on an outing with Jungtae to the largest street market in Busan where they sample delicious street food.

Sarang and Yuto get eggs from a neighborhood lady and they fall asleep, feeling excited to see chicks born. Afterwards he gives each of them a bath. Sam takes care of the two sons by himself for the first time and realizes the hardships and the joy of raising the children. Will he be able to move one foot without holding Dongook’s hand? Look forward to Seoeon and Seojun’s cute cheer!

Haru and Tablo bring two new pet birds home but one mingik dies the next day.

Hwijae brings the twins to an observation deck to look at Seoul’s nightlight, but both Seojun and Seoeon show more interest in the automatic candy machines. During their sleeping time, his parents need to mande his back in able to get him to sleep. Seoeon and Seojun are off to Mungyeong, their grandpa’s hometown. Daeul is scared of getting injections so Bumsoo asked Epe for help. Taewoong takes Jion to his favorite childhood summer spot.


It has snowed a lot and Seojun wishes for something after looking at the snow. After breakfast the Superman families return to their homes.

Donggook takes Seola, Sua, and Sian to a special place to learn how to sing. They have become merchants and start selling their goods! After enjoying her mango breakfast Sarang helps her dad Sunghoon clean the dishes, later they head to an interactive art exhibit where it inspires Sunghoon and Sarang to create their own artwork at home. Sunghoon has a lot of memories in Busan before Sarang was born so they travel to Busan.

Hwijae shows the twins how to dry laundry. Ilgook takes the triplets to the mega market and their daycare. Sarang plays dress up with her mom. A fierce teacher appears in front of the triplets and Yuto and Sarang.

Hwijae takes the twins on their first manwe ride and visit Olympic park for a nice picnic.

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Edited October 6, by Chellsee. List of episodes It’s time for dinner with Uncle Jaewook for the twins. Later both families participate in a marathon race for a good cause. Taewoong has taken Jion to the cooking class!

Hwijae takes them to a swimming pool for babies to swim. Hwijae invites his friends over to his new home for a home cooked meal prepared by himself.

Ilgook treats the triplets to gyozas and breaks his vegetarian diet when Daehan feeds him a dumpling. He is a happy child with great manner. The Songs go to a exotic petting zoo where there are snakes, aquatic creatures, bunnies and turtles.

His dad always ventist on him. Then they suddenly run off to somewhere!


I love this part with Daehanie showing concern to his appa by asking a few questions – Appa, is it painful? Complete with costumes the triplets did a good job and executed an impressive performance.

Miguk taking the triplets weight and measurements, Ilgook decides to weigh himself and sees that he has gained weight.

Just Like His Brother, Daehan, Manse Has Also Started to Wear Glasses

During a conversation with dad, Mingguk confesses that she now likes Manse more than Mom and Dad which surprises Sunghoon. Ilgook takes the triplets to a medical checkup where they showed fear in the beginning but leave happy. It’s two dogs of their neighbor Taecyeon, Eddie and Hari. Donggook gets a breakdown for “The Supermen caehan for hire” special! She seems to enjoy it when an instructure visits their home but when they go to Daisuke’s gymnastics class she doesn’t seem interested.

He also takes everything very serious. The Choovely family have gathered to celebrate Sunghoon’s father’s birthday. To celebrate the new year, Hwijae and the twins meet with the people close to Hwijae and exchange heartwarming greetings. Jion is in love with eggs now after deahan. Later his friend Jimin comes over. Hwijae invites Shoo and her twin girls over to his home. Haru attends a children’s play group and later goes bare hand fishing with her dad.

Song Il Kook takes his triplets to see the dentist in preview cuts for ‘Superman is Back’

Daehan, Minguk, and Manse are still in Busan! Their ski skills have improved greatly compared to last time! Hwijae, worried about the twins’ eyes, takes them to an eye doctor.