Lily tells Joy that now that she is the owner of the mirror, it would bring her both good fortune and a curse. Joy places the bagua mirror in her home and a series of fortunate events happens: Segunda Mano aka Second Hand. The Beginning of the End. It is because the movie tries to put suspecting insinuations and tries to inflict mystery from whom the haunting is involved with. However, for a time, she was haunted by him –or thought that she was– because she “saw things”. Joy sees her tricycle driver Mang Nestor, who was killed earlier in a cockfight. Sigaw aka The Echo.

Oh, she has a niece as well Empress Schuck , but she can be taken out of the movie and everything will be just fine. Nekoneko An insatiably curious lil’ kitten with admittedly odd tastes in film and music, addicted to spicy food and berry wine coolers Her ex-boyfriend Jake Cuenca drags Ana to the dilapidated resort of Villa Estrella in an effort to rekindle their lost romance. The Legend of a Portrait. The way she shouts her son’s name Paolo and her anguished harsh screams were so over-the-top. Volume 3 Part 2. The next day, Joy learns that the man Evart Mendoza, who left the mirror in the bus, was run over by a Rabbit Liner bus. The Movie – Vortex.

Dark Tales of Japan. It is cinema magic how someone privileged like her can be seen by the movle as normal, poor, powerless, and tortured by monsters and the supernatural.

Titles are linked and organized by country to help make things easier. The woman was now free of her husband in terms of his actual physical presence in her life. The synopsis available reads like follows: It is because the movie tries to put suspecting insinuations and tries to inflict mystery from whom the haunting is involved with.

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By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Here is the long, long overdo list of all Asian horror movies Dpoiler have reviewed. Although something nags at the edge of her mind, Ana has absolutely no memory of ever having been here before and begs Alex for them to leave the place but he resists it.


Joy then confronts her husband movle his affair. The mortgaged house isn’t also told if it was mortgaged with Stella and her ex-husband or with Anton.

Her exit was also very poorly written and realized.

It was almost so “concrete” dapaw too alive that it can really hold or dlaaw somebody. A lot of the scary scenes were derivative.

It shortly becomes clear that the haunting has restarted; a fact the woman assumes to be the result of her deceased former husband’s displeasure with her new marriage.

More ghostly apparitions both in her dreams and in reality attacks Stella and even her unsuspecting son. Philippine FilmsReviews.

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Ghost Train aka Otoshimono. When they sold their mortgaged house, Stella told her friend that they are still continuing to pay for the house and just gave it up since Anton was alone in paying for his mom’s hospitalization.

The Philippine DVD is good as always, with Trailers, a making of featurette and excellent accurate English subtitles on board. This is perhaps the only real problem for me in this film…. And spooler acting especially of Kris is laughable, if not horrible.

Neko liked it overall, and the freaky water demoness was sorta neat for a change of pace. Unfortunately the whole thing gets blown to hell –I think– at the end the last mins, or so. True to his word that he will start a new life with Stella, Anton splits up with all the women attached to him including the possessive Lorna Karylle. The movie did turn out to be as predictable as I had anticipated.


“Dalaw” Full Movie Trailer, Cast, Plot Summary, and Information!

She discovers that he was born in the year of the Rabbit after she examines his age. But something stirs and is wrong, there is some dark presence in the family. Little Jennifer gets killed and possessed by Danika… Dennis gets murdered by Uncle Dave, Ana gets killed and her body taken by Andrea….

The story tried to build up the tension at the beginning, but it lost its grip towards the end. This movie is about a woman who was in an abusive relationship which came to an end when her husband dies in a car mocie due to an argument the two of them were having in the car at the time.

It was very strange that no one seemed to need to turn on the house lights at night! Other characters get introduced…. The Melody of the Curse.

As the Gods Will. The next day, Joy learns that the man Evart Mendoza, who left the mirror in the bus, was run over by a Rabbit Liner bus. Things begin to happen, starting with the woman’s son, who is seeing and experiencing things.

Dennis and Alex get into an actual fight and still Ana fails to just plain get the heck outta here…. Having only spioler a single Pinoy horror movies prior to this, I don’t really have much to compare it with.

They find the restored bagua mirror and decide to show it to their parents. That did not weaken my resolve to watch this film. Sigaw aka The Echo.