But then he is found dead in exactly identical circumstances. Shortly after, a package arrives on the doorstep of another local housewife, and minutes later, she too is dead. However, the post mortem on Bendilow reveals that his death was not caused by the crash — and he was, in fact, suffocated after he was initially injured. When body parts and medical waste are found in Wetherton lake, Dalziel and DC Lateef investigate the disappearance of missing nurse Leanne Proctor, last seen three days ago by her flat mates. However, events take a sinister twist when Fran Cunningham is pushed from an eighth floor balcony to her death in the university common room. Photos Add Image Add an image Do you have any images for this title? From knock-out performances to Green Book scooping up the night’s top prize, relive the best moments from this year’s Oscars. Dalziel’s not best pleased when he is forced to give up watching his rugby match to attend the scene.

Share this Rating Title: But McLean’s son, Rob, is determined to lay the blame on someone’s shoulders, and sets out to find the evidence to convict someone for murder. As well as all of his regulars, Dalziel also happens to be in the pub at the time, and is forced to keep quiet in order to prevent his cover being blown. And when another grisly murder occurs, he realises that certain people claim to be somebody they aren’t — and the truth begins to unravel in more than one horrific way for Pascoe, as his latest floozy turns out to the prime suspect. However, they battle harder than ever to uncover the truth about the Having persuaded Pascoe to marry the long-suffering Ellie, Dalziel finds himself with the opportunity to whisk himself away on holiday while Pascoe is on honeymoon.

Aand body parts and medical waste are found in Wetherton lake, Dalziel and DC Lateef investigate the disappearance of missing nurse Leanne Proctor, last seen three days ago by her flat mates. As Dalziel and Pascoe run through an everlasting list of suspects, an art dealer whom Pascoe assisted after saving her from a hit and run is found murdered at the bottom of a ravine, with her car having been run off the road.

Meanwhile, as he’s still stewing over the kidnapping of student Penny Wilson, he manages to persuade the ACC to let him continue with the case on the basis that he manages to achieve a result with 48 hours.

My favorite British murder mysteries. But when someone murders huntsman Robert Dillinger by feeding him to the hounds, and then tries to blow up huntsmaster James Marsham, Dalziel suspects that whoever the murderer is, he has a grudge against the hunt itself rather than the individual.


You must be a registered user to use the IMDb rating plugin. However, when Sachs is killed in a light aircraft crash carrying a baby on board, Dalziel realises that there is more to the ans than first meets the eye. Retrieved from ” https: When a woman’s mummified remains emerge from the water during a cave rescue operation, Dalziel and Pascoe embark upon a treacherous murder inquiry which rocks their world to its core.

Maggie Ruddlesdin Brendan Charleson Peter Pascoe as the pair team up for the very first time to investigate a serious murder case.

With caveeoman parents having also been targeted, Dalziel suspects that the killer is someone who is against the campaign, and is trying to prevent Declan from continuing with it. Meanwhile, Wieldy links Brewer’s death with the murder of Paul Sutton, a private detective who was murdered five years ago in similar circumstances. The discovery of hidden ‘dirty’ letters, discussion of naked foreplay at the bedroom window and the unearthing of the murder weapon during the search for a missing eight-year-old boy make for the final pieces of the puzzle.

The series was axed inciting falling viewing figures as the main reason.

As he pushes his boss to discover the real truth, Dalziel is angered at the fact that Pascoe doesn’t trust him, and decides to play it alone. James Maddern Eunice Huthart After being kept late by “The Fat Controller”, as Ellie so bluntly puts it, Pascoe and his wife finally head out on their romantic weekend break to meet up with some old friends, only to find a house full of dead bodies and his best friend nowhere to be found. Initially suspected as a terrorist attack, Dalziel and Pascoe soon discover that for some bizarre reason, someone had dlaziel to kill this innocent woman.

As Dalziel and Pasoce narrow down a list of possible suspects, the net tightens around a scam involving long lost relatives of wealthy businessman. When she goes missing, Dalziel becomes determined cavewmoan find her before she suffers the same fate. Dalziel recognises Aldermann’s mother, Penny, as cavewomaan of his old flames from the rugby club, and as such decides to pay her visit to her swanky London pad – only for the dinner date to end in disaster and Dalziel getting a punch in the face from a burglar for all his troubles.

DC Shaz Kendall, on attachment to Wetherton CID, invites Abbie to stay while she tries to find out more about the events leading up to her pascod. Part 2 04 Sep Meanwhile, Lyn’s daughter, Narissa, is stalked by her cavewkman neighbour, who is determined to find out everything he can about her.


In her first case as a DC, Posh is given the task of calling everyone on Sammy’s phone – only to uncover the case of missing girl Julie-Anne Henshaw, who disappeared without trace a year ago.

The paralyzed daughter of local farmers Cabewoman and Jamie Blackstone finds she is able to walk again after being taken to a tree known as ‘the healer’ in Wetherton woods. Edit Storyline When a rescue mission to save trapped cave explorers uncovers the body of a woman wrapped in plastic, Det.

Dalziel is forced to accept new recruit Sgt. Meanwhile, Pascoe has to deal with family grief as his caavewoman is rushed to hospital with meningitis. This Week’s Top Trailers.

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Nerissa Barron Nad Mawle Different backgrounds, different beliefs, different styles. Andy Dalziel Colin Buchanan Dalziel and Pascoe are thrown into university life when the body of a former university principal, Alison Girling, who supposedly died in a bus crash in Austria, is found underneath her own memorial statue in the university car park.

They get on each other’s nerves. When popular jockey Sammy Hogarth dies from a high dose of warfarinDalziel and Pascoe are forced to investigate caveaoman dark side of horse racing. Frank Mason Jemma Hines Arriving at his garage, Pascoe finds that the man has Wheeler tied up and gagged.

You must be a registered user to use the IMDb rating plugin. Add Image S11, Ep2. His latest victims include year-old bank worker Brenda Soreby, who is found in the Wetherton canal cacewoman morning after meeting up with her boyfriend and asking him to marry her.

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Meanwhile, Dalziel receives a postcard from an old flame, Florrie Stockton, whom he decides to visit in cxvewoman swanky hotel suite.

Episodes listed beside a character with a “-” indicate the character’s regular appearance in the show. Dick Elgood, the owner of a local firm specialising in toiletry products, makes an off-the-record complaint to Pascoe about one of his employees, Patrick Aldermann, who he suspects is responsible for murder.

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