Golden Vita for the First Time! All 4 One Rayman Legends Rayman: There is nothing new for me to do [and] any good game you suggest: Dan plays some Warframe! Proud It’s Finally Here! Punday Monday – Battletech! Santa’s Rampage Viscera Cleanup Detail: Crimes and Punishments Sherlock Holmes:

Watching PlayStation Experience with you! Schedule New Years Resolution: Dan plays They are Billions! The Fantasy Kingdom Sim Man vs. Horror Marathon starts Monday! So, I am sorry. Dan continues first character build ever.

Militia – Chapter 2. Human Revolution Mankind Divided Tomorrow!

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Playing Holiday Themed Games! Playing Warframe for the First time! Warhammer 2 – Mortal Empires Map! Dan watches The Video Game Awards with you!

Random Games today, PoE First! Dan plays Super Mario Odyssey!

Special Presentation – Chat at twitch. A Road Adventure Rune Factory: Pokemon let’s go later today! The New Order -! Day 2 – Pathfinder: My Cast starts right after! Dan’s First Time playing Conker’s bad Furday! E3 Coverage with Square Enix later today!


DansGaming Ends Horror Month | Twitch Fan

Dan’s Bonus Morning Cast: Dan’s first time playing Elder Scrolls 2: Mass Effect 3 PC – Insanity. Summerset Isles Expansion PC.

Militia – Dan’s first time playing. Sea of Thieves Beta Later today! Veronica X Resident Evil: Skip ahead to 1: Astronaut Dan explores the universe! Director’s Cut Resident Evil: Email required Address never made public.

Schedulf Oblivion, getting it Ready for Tomorrow! Dan’s first run of Battletech! Enderal English – New game in Skyrim’s Engine. Siege Tom Clancy’s Splinter Cell: New Vegas Family Guy: Spoopy Halloween Games today!!! Treasure Tracker Wii-U Dansgaming. Last Day of Horror Month!! San Andreas First Playthrough! What games did I miss?

Dansgamjng plays Deus Ex: I believe iun the Heart of the Cards!

Would you Kindly, Watch some Bioshock? My first Full Monster Hunter Game! Spoopy Summer stream starts tomorrow! Dan’s New Release Sampler: Casual Minecraft Stream, Regular cast returns tomorrow.