Views Read Edit View history. The twists and turns of the story keep the readers interested in reading the novel in a joyful manner. McGarvey was a CIA agent who was trained to fight communism at all costs. Crossfire by David Hagberg. He ages something around Waiting for something to happen in his life, he believes that the ladies would report his actions to the Swiss government as he is of a stubborn behavior. The plot of this novel a submarine goes missing from the coast of Italy.

The plot of this novel a submarine goes missing from the coast of Italy. Russia is in turmoil. Kirk McGarvey is determined to stop them. How to read C. McGarvey’s job is to stop him. He had served in the Agency few years back but was forced to retire early because of his rude behavior.

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That won’t stop him, though, as life and trouble keeps calling. Kirk McGarvey is asked to get her back. Send an e-mail to site orderofbooks. When a one-kiloton Russian nuclear demolition bom… More. Shetland Books in Order: Another fearful incident happens when a Pershing missile gets hijacked from the West German Air Force base in spite of being under a maximum security installation.

Many people do not like his attitude of being a pig-headed man and often refer him as a Neanderthal. Kirk is shown as an open-minded person who speaks his mind and never likes to back down from his beliefs. On the other hand, people like myself find in the McGarvey books a series that takes a dark view of the dangers this country faces and the type of men needed to keep those dangers from destroying the American way of life.


Kirk McGarvey is a fictional character and techno-thriller series created by American novelist David Hagberg. High Flight by David Hagberg. An intelligence horse truly of the Cold War, trained to fight communism on all fronts with winning being the only real rule, he came to the Agency during the late 60’s, based on the years he is said to have served before his forced retirement.

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Hagberg apprenticed as a spy writer by contributing more than 20 “work-for-hire” entries in the Nick Carter-Killmaster series of espionage novels between and If you see one missing just send me an e-mail below. We do our best to get everything listed but the occasional book gets by us. Critical Mass by David Hagberg.

davjd That would be their viewpoint. Kirk McGarvey is determined to stop them. But that is what happens when one of their nukes goes missing and the chance of a war between the two powers looks likely. Flash Points by David Hagberg.

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Insert your e-mail below to start getting these recommendations. It is later found out that the people behind those fateful incidents are Colonel Valentin Baranov, who is the newly appointed head of the KGB and Arkady Kurshin, who is considered as a deadly weapon working under Colonel Dxvid as well as a ruthless assassin.

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If you do not want him, kick him out. Hagberg’s style has been described [ citation needed ] as a cross between Tom Clancy and Ian Fleming.

Order of Kirk McGarvey Books

I like McGarvey, with all his rough edges. Hagberg wrote a short story titled “Genesis” in Twilight Zone: The mission is very important for Kirk and the CIA as the duo are planning to carry out an act of terrorism with devastating consequences. One of my favourite series is the Brilliance Saga by Marcus Sakey and it is our featured series of the month. Assassin by David Hagberg. Percy Jackson Books in Order: Like many “cloak-and-dagger” novelists, Hagberg has mcgarfey professional background in espionage, having spent his stint of military duty as a cryptographer for U.


How to read Sophie Kinsella Series? Allah’s Scorpion by David Hagberg. All signs indicate that somet… More. Kirk is depicted as a CIA agent daviid is trained to fight all sorts of communism.

As liberals struggle to hol… More. Let us know below so we can add it ASAP. Crossfire by David Hagberg.


When an American attack on the terrorist’s camp kills his daughter, he is determined to get revenge. The CIA very reluctantly asks McGarvey to come back once again to stop an enemy agent who is proving too good but someone at the Agency seems determined to block McGarvey’s success.

He had served in the Agency few years back but was forced to retire early because of his rude behavior. Indianapolis is kept on training on the coast of Italy by the U. He won’t let it drop, though, even when it puts his career and his family in danger.