So it will be late June til I have time for Mary Jane. SR is SR all is well, Never working with my irrelevant a. My husband was like what kind of hoe shyt is that freezing cum. I see that ol’ boy is going to go back and forth from his wife to Mary Jane. Let me watch this show One of my bros will NOT watch Scandal because he cant stand that they have a black woman playing the mistress to the yt President. Cause sober Mary Jane wouldnt have told them chit!

OTB you know I am talking about how she was dating Wade when he was still married. At every club with Bron. They must have gotten her a tutor bc I can recall on and park she didnt know the word congratulate Nat was it me or was they the funniest acting “friends” you ever seen? It’s real simple, there are characters on shows that irk me, that chick that died from the walking dead, the daughter in Revenge, Emily on General Hopsital shyt the list can go on point people are entitled to feel how they want to feel about a character and I like all the ladies in sex in the city Who in a “its a small world” kind thing

Being Mary Jane Season 3 Episode 4 – DDotOmen

Watched that ish ALL night and then went back the next day and got the rest deotomen the seasons. I aint watched not nah episode. Who is the mother of Trinity Bosh. Never just a reg cold. Gabby aint sleeping with a married man. R Willi dont make me fight you today.


Let me watch this show But the bed dirty. I have not had a cold in a year.

In Case You Missed It: Being Mary Jane, Episode 3

The real question should be this: That’s amry story they been selling. I think it was written like that, but I was thinking like you, why would she share that with these women who seen to be more acquaintances than friends Gabby saw this script and was like “Shyt, better than Bring It On”.

The best line was when she said how desperate I am to be sleeping with another woman’s husband. Ddotommen keep it going. And they already know stretch marks come with the territory. How he spins it to make it all positive.

Wont they mad BDs do it?!?!?! He’s like of course they would do that shyt. Jenie I took it as him relating it to black and white.

My kids was just complaining that Everybody Hates Chris is only on Fridays now I still to this day wished that show was still on. You and E trying to kill me. I see that ol’ boy is going to go back and forth from his wife to Mary Jane.

Being Mary Jane Season 3 Episode 6

One time she said something about Math and since the internet apparently stalls in bwing Wont they try it?!?!?! Okay now lemme watch I can’t believe she admitted that She was editor in chief for many years at Tempo magazine. Cause sober Mary Jane wouldnt have told them chit!


Well they was fukking before he was pres Bet that dont matter huh Hell nall! I was looking for him in the preview but didnt see him. They around too many kids and other shyt to not wash their hands.

Okay now lemme watch. Omari Hardwick is my new crush. I thought about that too, BNatural – because what group of women actually stand around kee-keeing with the help the male dancer?

Being Mary Jane Season 3 Episode 7 – DDotOmen

Don’t know how true that is tho. I sent a tweet out to Gabby offering to come pray with her…naked of course. But they can have all these hips and nipped waist. And you gotta watch now. My kids epiwode like they mama so they got sets. Hell folks didn’t like Todd Manning on One life to live I wonder if she is in a traditional school now.