Does it intend to open a new investigation into the market situation with a view to restoring anti-dumping measures against Chinese exports in the coming years? L’iniziativa si inserisce nelle politiche di contrasto all’evasione delle imposte sul commercio, delle normative di sicurezza e di tutela del consumatore, sviluppate attraverso operazioni coordinate. The counterfeiting that is destroying European manufacturing has found another area in which to extend its unlawful business — that of gambling, in which illegal behaviour has found fertile ground. Chickens are slaughtered without stunning in order to count as halal. The initiative of the Spanish Government is one that complements EU action in this domain. Imprisoning individuals on the basis of their religious beliefs contravenes the International Convention of Civil and Political Rights, which Iran is signatory to.

Deadly attack on a refugee camp in Iraq. If, during an audit, a deficiency or irregularity is identified, corrective measures are applied interruption, suspension of payments, financial correction. Sexual offences are particularly serious, and appropriate criminal procedures must be in place. It is, however, up to the Council and the EP to adopt such legislation. De EU is niet van oordeel dat een opschorting van de steun op dit moment gerechtvaardigd is. Where does the Commission intend to draw the line between the sectors which are to be legally separated? More provocative statements made by the Turkish Prime Minister about Cyprus. If the management and control system or its part is found non-compliant with EU or national legislation, the national authorities must take corrective measures, otherwise the Commission will.

Compliance with national law is primarily a national competence. Deadly attack on a refugee camp in Iraq.

Penalties for infringement of environmental legislation in Greece. Please provide a breakdown by Member State.

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The Council conclusions also state that Turkey has regretfully still not made progress towards the necessary normalisation of its relations with the Republic of Cyprus, and that the Council expects Turkey to actively support the ongoing negotiations aimed at a fair, comprehensive and viable settlement of the Cyprus problem within the UN framework, in accordance with the relevant UN Security Council resolutions and in line with the principles on which the Union is founded.


Export bans on medicinal products in Greece. The electric car and appropriate facilities: The Commission requests periodically an update of the scientific evidence available to evaluate the risks from EMF and checks whether it still supports the exposure limits as proposed in the Council Recommendation on EMF exposure limits.

Changes in derneir conditions due to restructuring. Exploitation of Portuguese workers in Switzerland.

I have been contacted by a constituent who is concerned about a new adoption law passed in Russia. Only 4 of the ambassadors are Poles.

Approved replacement wheels and monopoly. Does it intend to propose ezzedins the Member States undergoing adjustment programmes are included in the European Semester? Fixed-term employment contracts for career entrants. Breakdown of grades for Protocol Service staff. In those circumstances, for Member States receiving financial assistance it is inevitable that the recommendations adopted within the framework of the European Semester ES coincide with the policy msy of the adjustment programmes.

Even after this procedure has been gone through, the questionnaire itself is available to citizens only in English. Preventing anomalies in product labelling. The primary responsibility for enforcement of sanctions rests with the MS’. The economic evaluation commissioned by the Commission during the public consultation on the VAT system.

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Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership — economic growth and job creation. However, the situation remains tense and both sides are accusing one another of having incited the incident.

Currently the dispute proceedings are ongoing. Can the Commission inform me how much European financial assistance has been provided to the reception and recruitment centre in Mali since the centre was established? Er bestaat geen subsidie in het kader van het ESF die specifiek gericht is op de integratie van migranten.

Bearing in mind that there have been several cases in recent years where the private data of users of various websites and Internet services have been accidentally made public, what measures has the Commission taken or does it intend to take, along with the companies operating these websites, to prevent similar situations from arising?

Voor deze bezoekers werden individuele informatiegesprekken georganiseerd en ze kregen begeleiding en advies. Verma, whose mandate was to look at possible amendments to the Criminal Law to provide for quicker trial and enhanced punishment for criminals committing sexual assault against women. Is it aware of the above findings of the Bloomberg survey and, if so, is it planning to conduct a survey of its own to study the causes of increased petrol prices on the European market and ways of reducing them to reasonable levels?


In principle, all EU cooperation programmes can be suspended if the beneficiary country breaches an obligation relating to the respect for human rights, democratic principles and the rule of law and in serious cases of corruption. The review of the minimum wage system will be undertaken with the view to possibly improve it’s simplicity and effectiveness to promote employment and fight unemployment and help the competitiveness of the economy.

How many people in the Council Secretariat are on unpaid leave? According to the directives establishment of zones and agglomerations for the purpose of air quality assessment and management is an obligation of Member States.

In the context of FPAs, fishing activities on these species could however be limited or even prohibited, following international or national provisions.

The company manufactures approved replacement wheels for 34 makes of vehicle. Which vaccines are involved? Member States and Project sponsors are therefore being encouraged to swiftly resolve all existing problems with a view to a more successful outcome for CCS projects in the second call for proposals. Except where otherwise noted, this work is subject to a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial 4.

Clarifications on the issue of the minimum wage in Greece. Currently officials of the GSC are on leave for personal grounds, of whom 63 have applied for, and been ezzeddine, permission to engage in gainful activities.