Biffy continues to refuse to speak with Lee. Lee tries to find a spot in his room to hide the key before exasperatedly saying ‘back under the bed’. A call for backup is broadcast as the blue tatzelwurms attack the council member and his Hazmats at the Pyramid. The Hazmats and the council member, from ‘Escape from Fort Nigma’, flee as the Pyramid interferes with his control of the ‘tatzelborgs’. Holger Holgaart 27 episodes, Zachary Bennett Chaz Moneranian 21 episodes, Helene Joy Lee is saved from the 15th graders by the Tazelwurm just in time to avoid further grounding from his mother. Holger plans to give Mr Ping a gift basket for the allergy incident at the hospital.

He finds a “Save the Rainforests Dance” poster and a strange machine that plugs into pictures of all the school students. At Kimmie’s house, Lee tries to spy on Cassandra while Biffy distracts her. Due to an outbreak of Frogs at the school Barrage and Victoria schedule a emergency field trip to the recently reopened Green Apple Splat company for the entire 10th grade. The eclipse commences, students run in panic as a light shines through the school and lifts up the detention teacher. Lee and the gang finally break out thanks to Lynch, who was sent by Finnwich but they don’t believe him and leaves him to be chased by Reaper Mats as the gang sneaks back on the submarine to the school. Lee Ping 27 episodes, Lee is only chosen as the target because he’s immune to the hypnosis, unaware that Biffy is too. But an unsuspecting Tina feels curious.

Ultimately detentionsire find that the Serpent has already given the keys to the council. Lee and Holger is caught by Barrage, he gives Holger detention and Lee “something new”. Lee uses Barrages voice to snap Cyrus out of the trance in time for him and Lee to blow the crowd away at the battle of the Bands.

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At home, Lee finds an image of a submarine in the hard-drive. Lee wonders if he’s a clone of the Serpent or if the Serpent is his older brother. Lee realises seasln is true and runs home to protect the key. Holger is put in charge of his class, which happens to be where Chaz’s Corner is being held.


Lee and Brandy find Biffy at a building whose logo resembles the eeason on the materials ddetentionaire in the prank.

The episode ends with Tina and Jeeny breaking out sesson their crate, only to find that they’re in a submarine. Lee, Jenny and Holger go to the detention room to wake up the detention teacher. The three of them follow the three present of the five council members to the pyramid, realising that Barrage is being controlled.

The teachers act weirdly, forcing the students to put together pieces of the pyramid, and Brandy is approached by Cam to help Lee before he explains everything. Lee, Tina and Jenny find that the council is trying to look for the book, but they manage to hide it.

Lee feels jealous of Brad kissing Tina and tells Biffy to try harder at cracking Radcircle’s phone. Lynch 16 episodes, Danny Smith Archived from the original on Lynch betrays Finnwich and tries to open the pyramid but falls into a coma as Finnwich had anticipated his betrayal and put his watch forward one minute.

Holger Holgaart 27 episodes, Zachary Bennett A blue tatzelwurm attacks Jenny and Lee leaps to help. Wurst and Barrage literally fighting over who is principal and the appropriate punishment.

After asking Tina where Jenny is he follows them down a hole outside to the tunnels. Jenny is taken with Tina to Coral Grove. There they find the teachers’ statistics, and that Sue, Lee’s mother, is a clone. Meanwhile, the school tries to propose a theme for the school dance, Tina and Brad suggest a “Save the Rainforests” dance, to make the dance a bit romantic, for Tina whose secretly planning to dance with Lee.

The Serpent appears at the school to get a sample of Lee’s hair during the outbreak’s screening process. Lee apologizes to Cam about the prank and Cam is eventually elected as class president. Kimmie McAdams 1 episode, After losing, the Serpent offers to let Biffy, Cam and Holger live if they answer questions about Lee’s age, birthplace and tattoo None of them know of the tattoo’s origins. During this, Brandy confronts Lee about his love triangle with Tina and Jenny.


Misunderstanding Lee’s intentions, they plot to rig the Student of the Week vote to come up as Principal General Barrage and dump the remaining paint on him on live TV along with the host Tina and Chaz. Lee finds out that Barrage is reprogramming the Hazmats, he needs to get a head, fast. Later, the Serpent spies on Mr Ping at the household and declares “reunion time” until Holger shows up.


Lee and Biffy go to Lee’s place, only to find that the Serpent has arrived before they are knocked unconscious and wake up at Biffy’s place.

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Holger’s attempt to write a poem to Greta ends with embarrassment when Kimmie sends a transcript around the school. Their idea is ultimately detetnionaire by the school due to the prank song, which hypnotises the students.

Lee is able to prevent what appears to have been an attempt by Brandy to poison Tina but in reality is a elaborate scheme to break up her and Brad Von Chillschene. The group find that Barrage doesn’t own the Hazmats and the key to hacking Radcircle’s phone. As a surprise, the Serpent arrives and gives Jenny her bike back after it was lost and they go on a ride together to make up for him leaving her afraid. Biffy is at Kimmie’s home, only to be confronted by Cassandra who invites him in for brunch.

While at home and after watching detenttionaire large amounts of footage Holger discovers that the only person to have bought a bag like Lee’s was none other than Camillio. On a particularly rainy day Lee is surprised to find Holger arriving at school dry as a bone. Cam gets Lee and Brandy to find Grayson and turn him in, causing Tina and Jenny to think sesson back together, but Grayson escapes.

Brandy Silver 24 episodes, David Berni An oblivious Tina suggests that they investigate the amusement park for the Amazing Finnwich, without Jenny, who joins them anyway. At home, Lee discovers a photo of his 10th birthday and finds out that Biffy was at the party.