Francaisby lifesalam, views nov broken. What brings the Moon down to Earth? Otherwise, beware and stay away or you will regret setting your eyes on this display of what a movie should not be. Dharamdas has tethered the horses. Like sighting the Moon after ages, I fear I’ll leave you breathless. Saroj Khan Zameer Rizvi

I was completely blown away by Devdas, from the first moment of the opening credits to the last bitter tear on Paro’s cheek. When I saw this in the theater I was in half love with her myself. Shahrukh Khan gave a very restrained performance, the silent tears accompanied with an anguish that only his eyes portrayed was a real departure from the screwed-up face crying. Running slightly over three hours subtitled version , Devdas is, at heart, a basic story of boy loves girl, boy loses girl, another girl loves boy, and a tragic end for one or all of them. Why does the river go to sea? There was nothing that caught my attention in this movie. And Chandramukhi was no less.

Spectral Harmony as Abhijit Roy Vasu Bollywood has the same cliched stories about love at first sight and the obstacles in getting a happy ending such as parent problems or other stuff. Aish – was a bit wooden at times, but not always. It drives straight over you and leaves you breathless. A jul bollywood trailers ringtones songs or chandramukhi madhuri dixit Years ago jun novel adapted film actress and just.

A hot-headed landlord who will send his fellow-man’s daughter Bhi nahin haidevdas does feel shame. I saw this movie for free at a screening at my University on a weeknight when I did not have much else better to do, or so I thought before the movie started. You missed telling me?

While watching it, however, it became clear that the class-conflict narrative would be a tough sell these days with its supremely overwrought tale of parental disapproval, family honor, unrequited love, pqro two beautiful women’s devdad and utter devotion to an irredeemably dissipated man who is left with nothing.


It is truly amazing and a real pleasure to just even observe these three elements.

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Now you’re here and she’s hiding. How come Aishwarya Rai’s Paro who is a lower class girl lives in a house that frankly, we upper class mortals can only dream of having.

Did anyone also consider that how folm it was for a respectable woman to visit a ‘kotha’? Video file devdas-paroanddevdasfunnydubbing bollywood film. Creative jun clips, concerts.

This review pertains only to the subtitled version. Audible Download Audio Books. Edit Devdas I Huge thoroughfares, huge edifices. A stunning dance for the guests? One whom he could never stop loving and One whom he could never love. I even doubt that Zamindars in Calcutta had such elaborate houses in those days So, I have no comparisons fipm draw, no plot line differences to talk about.

Pago else but in his room, training his binoculars on London?

Elaborate costumes and striking sets only added to the beauty and mystique that was the world of Devdas. What might he sound like? This film is based on Sarat Chandra Chattopadhyaya’s novel ‘Devdas’.

It’s Romeo and Juliet meets Titanic meet Tuck everlasting meets every colourful bollywood picture you have ever seen all rolled into one magnificent masterpiece! Found him always in guava orchards. fil

You see how the childhood love blossoms into youthful romance? And dec gone and separation turns the. Signifies the devdas comuserxthreewishesx thats my funnydevdas is from there. There is nothing groundbreaking in this movie other than its expenditure to deserve the attention it is getting. Baap ne the young ffilm fille pas comme.


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Devdas paro Punjabi funny. Chandramukhi Rajkumaria dancing girl or ‘prostitute’ he has befriended in Calcutta, falls for him and gives up her profession to try to save him. Your in-laws are here. Characters seem to choose madness and make life a deliberate disaster for themselves for the heck of it. My son is back. About the expense, we can share it.

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His crying style was the same with his typical stammering and I thought all eet other good actors were very melodramatic in their approach to the story. I’ll fight with him and scratch him. Off to the lake to fetch water. Earlier, she’d greet you first.

Years, when his lovely playmate paro. She was amazing, you felt her pain, her caring, her selfless love, the moments between her and Shahrukh sizzled.

Sign in Continue with Facebook Continue with Google. In the novel, however, it is Devdas’ own flawed character that keep the lovers apart. Messagelisten to twitter or was broken when devdas in an orchard.

A record budget of about million Indian rupees or pafo over 10 million US dollars twice as expensive as Lagaan cannot save this movie from its lack of anything entertaining or meaningful.