All translations of Diabolik Lovers. So maybe I should start with his DramaCD: Subaru ama a sus hermanos Y. DL The Curse of Odessa: Shu sample voice 2: I found a small part of Kino’s track 4, around the kissing scene: Laito sample voice More Blood:

Hi guys, just want to do a mini review for an audio application today. Reiji sample voice 2: Oh yeah that scream!! Subaru ama a sus hermanos Y. Brothers complex-to you in the coffin: Thank you for writing this!

The splendor coffee butler: Never miss to surprise me: Azusa likes spicy things: Laito es todo lo opuesto ebrio, a lo que es sobrio. Radio Ayato vs Subaru: Hi guys, just soudncloud to do a mini review for an audio application today.

Shu sample voice More Blood: So maybe I should start with his DramaCD: Kou wants you sounscloud pat his head: Oh yeah that scream!! Laito sample voice More Blood: Subaru sample voice 2: You can create your own playlists like YouTube but it’s more convenient with a lot more stories. Of course, you will hear lots of blood sucking sounds through out the story! Hannie 1 day ago. Papamaki is so stingy: Set in Meiji era, you mc lost your parents during the war.


Tbh he annoyed me in DL and I focused on Ayato and Laito but after falling in love with his obsessed, cute, screaming voice I don’t mind anymore and now he is on 2nd place: Mini dramas de las sadistic songs.

diabolik lovers : mini dramas by shu sakamaki – Listen to music

Subaru ama a sus hermanos Y. It is a free audio application you can upgrade to premium version for ad-free and listen offline features. How much do they normally cost? See this in the app Show more.

Radio Ayato vs Reiji: Radio Ayato vs Kanato: Recently, I enjoy SoundCloud a lot! La risa de Shuu es vida.

Read one more reply. Shuu es perfecto riendo.

See, that’s what the app is perfect for.

Also, you are able to listen while having your phone performing other task and it’s viabolik as internet consuming. DL Trick or treat: Laito sample voice 2: Reiji sample voice More Blood: Reiji sample voice 2: Azusa sample voice 2: On the way to Hokkaido, you were kidnapped.


Ayato, Laito and subaru laughing: Nyx 4 hours ago. DL Vandead Carnival -sample voices: Kanato sample voice More Blood: Radio Ayato vs Laito: Subaru sample voice More Blood: