His tsun was really cute and I just wanted to cuddle him more and get more of the deredere goodness. Now, as you both requested, I will make macaron and vongole bianco. Moreover with that strength. Reiji prides himself on being the most intelligent of the brothers and is also a scientist that is always trying to create some new kind of magical potion, having taken over one of the labs at their school. Then next, what should we do. This gaudy colored pasta. When she wakes up she sees Shuu and he just walks off.

But here came a seriously sick student to see him. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: Reiji barely sucked until it hit his endings, and he was pretty sweet as well. I mean Kanato was creepy and everything and Ayato was pretty mean but you could have just gone to them. Even if you say that, my mouth tastes like macarons now. Tbh I felt that Shuu really loved Yui, compared to the other guys although i still need some crazy rides like ayato who pretty much used her anyway. What is it with this so much luggage? You know, every day I ask him to make me Vongole Bianco, now Ruki-kun is sick of it.

You are commenting using your Twitter account. Is it because I drank too hranslation blood? He has a tendency to skip class leading to him having to repeat a year and can generally be found sleeping somewhere quiet, normally the music room at school.

What should we do now?

As expected, you seem to have a fever. I will go outside. He makes Yui stay away from the guy, and he whips her when she accidentally talks to the guy. If Bitch-chan gets aroused, I also get pulled along. Indeed, your skin really does taste sweet. It pretty much starts off with him getting angry with her and afterwards sucking blood from her lol.


I figured that I could switch between games when my consoles need charged, haha.

[PS Vita] Diabolik Lovers Limited V Edition – Review | Zettai Renai!

Why … why do you do this? By the way, do you feel feverish? This site uses cookies. He loves candy and sweet things, especially apple pie.

Should we check on them? Tbh putting up with this shit with no escape route is really crazy man. Now I am frantically want limmited nurse you.

Diabolik Lovers ~Limited V Edition~

I never think that you will take initiative to assault me. Starting from that sweaty, nape of yours. Soon he tells her to get away from him since he gets into fits sometimes but Yui really loves him and still stays with him.

He claims to be both a masochist and a sadist, switching between the two depending on the situation. Ufu… please spare me of that. He then starts regretting not being strong enough to kill his dad, and Yui lets him suck from her as much as he wants so that he can kill his dad.

Diabolik Lovers ~Limited V Edition~ | 未来へ向こう

Next is Shuu, who is apparently the most popular character in the series, judging by DGS awards and the character polls that the ddition have carried out in the past. Hey, Bitch-chan, is your work more important than my condition?


To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: If I let you sweaty like that, your condition will get worse, right?

Reiji is an lomited four eyes cook, right? As expected from Reiji.

Of course, I never did that. On top of that, once in a while, I thought playing nurse is fun.

Sniff… what is it? His hobby is making and displaying dolls, although he is also very talented at singing. Seems like my body get lighter. Reiji is the second Sakamaki brother, who tends to get landed translarion all of the responsibilities of the family by Shuu. Just soak in like that. His route is pretty sweet and I liked him a lot, until his after story which was such a joke! Subaru kills diaboolik mom but not his dad, and runs off with Yui.

He can be quite clingy at times and becomes very possessive over Yui. So you will listen to my another selfish request, right? When she wakes up she sees Shuu and he just walks off.

You seem so surprised. Turns out he wanted to hold a wedding ceremony for her to make her happy!! But thinking of that arouse me a bit. So Ayato does think that way too.

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