Home video Japan December 17, Team Rocket then carries Diancie to a clock tower, then demanding her to make diamonds for them. The movies themselves are formulaic with Ash and the gang simply meeting some new legendary talking pokemon they have to save. Dace then tells everyone that Xerneas has chosen to slumber here to protect the balance of nature. I feel bad for not being able to keep up with them. Bonnie and Serena remark on how Diancie again shows manners of a royal princess.

As such, Ash, who was awakened by this, then decides to teach Diancie how to make a wish upon a shooting star, and the two proceed to make a wish. When she gets up, however, standing right in front of her is Xerneas. Dace, however, tells her to take the situation seriously. They then tell Diancie that they are her friends, and explain to her what friends are. Serena is staring from her tent in admiration. Diancie tells her it will disappear eventually, but Bonnie asks her to let her keep it, so Diancie then approves. Ninja Riot voice Oliver Wyman I feel bad for not being able to keep up with them.

Team Rocket then sneaks up on the crew with a sack, and they take Diancie and kidnap her, to which Ash and friends then try to follow. Diancie en de cocon der vernietiging.

Before it leaves, it tells Diancie that the power to nourish life lies within Diancie herself. Marilyn Flame voice Marc Thompson Keep track of everything you watch; tell your friends.

Pokémon the Movie: Kyurem vs. the Sword of Justice

Merrick also tells Ash that they have been searching for Xerneas for many months, and have not succeeded. Xerneas then speaks through its Fairy Aura, revealing that it knows that Diancie has been following it for a while, and it knows what it seeks from it. She then tells Diancie to get away while she still can, and she then fights Marilyn and Riot. The next morning, Ash and his friends then take a ship to Orsay Cityalong with Diancie.


Merrick then reveals that he was worried that Diancie must have felt trapped by his, along with Bort and Allotrope’s presence.

Dace, however, tells her to take the situation seriously. Ash and Pikachu are then sent flying.

She does so, making such a large amount of diamonds that they bathe in. Merilyn then acquires work at a clothing store, while Riot comes to her, and proposes marriage. Diancie also explains that her diamonds are only temporary, and that Team Rocket will be majorly disappointed.

Bonnie gives Diancie the diamond that Daincie gave her, telling her that this will forever be the mark of their friendship. The three Trainers have come to Team Rocket do appear for awhile, so they’re cool. Was this review helpful to you? She also tells them that her objective is to find Xerneas and its Fairy Aura in hopes that she can be able to make permanent diamonds.

Ash then wishes upon the shooting star that Diancie will one day be able to make the best diamonds she had ever made. Meanwhile, Team Rocket is spying on them from a rooftop.


Grant’s “Game of Thrones” Experience. Australia G New Zealand?

Pokémon the Movie: Diancie and the Cocoon of Destruction () – Full Cast & Crew – IMDb

Its preliminary title was first revealed by CoroCoro on December 15, Destructionn then arrives and remarks on Diancie’s progress. Diancie then runs around the entire shopping mall while the three Carbink give chase. Diancie then tries to protect Ash and friends from another Oblivion Wing with Diamond Storm, but the diamond shatters again.

Astrid voice James Carter Cathcart Add the first question. Meanwhile, the dull girl, named Millis Steelreturns to a stealthy ship, which inside, a man named Argus Steel is monitoring the activity of Diancie as well as that of Marilyn and Riot.

Diancie dianie the Cocoon of Destruction ” on Amazon. Diancie is then dismayed, saying that she had led them into danger and that this is all her fault, but Clemont tells her that friends always support each other. Ash battles Marilyn, while Serena acquires a Rhyhorn from a ranch, and brings herself, Diancie, Clemont and Bonnie aboard to safety, almost disturbing an ongoing Rhyhorn Race. Bonnie is angry at Clemont for having stolen what was supposed to be her line.