The production values on The Spiderwick Chronicles are high and fans of the movie will definitely want to check this out. Join our Discord to chat with fellow friendly gamers and our knowledgeable video game historians! The oldest, largest and most accurate video game database covering over platforms from to date! The Spiderwick Chronicles is a harmless piece of entertainment that might amuse those who are fans of the film and too young to really steep themselves in something complicated, but it’s too obtuse and repetitive for older players. Xbox Game Informer Magazine Apr, In terms of gameplay, it’s better than the usual game-of-the-film efforts – Stormfront’s last entry was the woeful Eragon – but it’s the gulf between potential and reality that makes this one sting. Xbox Boomtown Apr 17, Overall, these drawbacks add up to The Spiderwick Chronicles being a game that is decent but not exceptional.

I had trouble coming up with a final grade for Spiderwick Chronicles. Xbox Daily Game Mar 03, For everyone else, you’re better off constructing a real spirit net and seeing how long your can run around your neighborhood before someone summons the cops. Windows GameZone Feb 20, You can also join in the fun and educate your child on what the game is trying to teach – conquer your fears, and stand up for what is right. Wii IGN Feb 13, Glimmers of a free-roaming kids adventure game with RPG overtones, based on actual folklore. Xbox GameZone Feb 12,

But with all that said, for fans of the movie, or someone looking for something a bit different, I found it to be fun, and if the price is right, you probably will too.

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Xbox Planet Xbox May 19, Ultimately The Spiderwick Chronicles achieves what it sets out to accomplish, and that is satisfy fans of the source material.

Kids will spend a lot of time fighting their way through this magical but somewhat scary world. Alas, another movie-made-video game that ganezr be rented first, and purchased only by the rabid fans of the IP in-question.

There’s not really too much to fault here as the game doesn’t try to be something it’s not. There’s always something to do or new to discover, which should keep younger players hooked.


Xbox Hooked Gamers Mar 10, I was surprised at how simple and fun the fairy collection was, but the combat mechanics are a dull affair.

There are certainly a few rough spots here and there and the visuals are not as eye-catching as they should be but the game has a number of fun moments that should not be missed by fans of the series. Like Narnia before it, Spiderwick is unflinching from its desire to make gamers play geheimnnisse by its own rules — the problem is, it forgot to ship a game with them.

The bottom line is that this is an average movie tie-in game. Xbox GamesRadar Feb 27, Adults and casual Spiderwick fans spiderrwick stay far away. Cold hearted cynical gamers will need to look elsewhere for their thrills as the game’s relatively easy to skim through despite a few control niggles.

Xbox Console Monster Mar 27, In conclusion, The Spiderwick Chronicles is a more than decent game that will generally appeal to the younger ones. Xbox Gaming Age Apr 23, You could just watch that in its entirety in a quarter of the time it’d take you to play this game and you’d have more fun. It seems geheimnizse happy to get through the six or so hours of game time merely meeting criteria to an acceptable standard and never anything more.

The Spiderwick Chronicles (2008)

Wii GamesRadar Feb 27, Wii Worth Playing Mar 10, Windows Cheat Code Central Feb 25, Xbox Gaming Nexus Mar 17, The Spiderwick Chronicles recreates that feeling of being a kid and suspending your disbelief in fantasy. Xbox XboxAchievements Apr 13, For everyone else, you’re better off constructing a real spirit net and seeing how long your can run around your neighborhood before someone summons the cops.

It is not a video game adaptation that will break out of such a market Goldeneye for example and introduce players to a new experience. If your child is a rabid Spiderwick fan this game would be a decent purchase, but I would still recommend a console version.

The multiplayer is a bit disappointing, but the main game side quests, while not as deep as, say, Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix, make the experience a lengthy and worthwhile one. Xbox Game Vortex Mar 02, Xbox Game Chronicles Mar 05, Still, The Spiderwick Chronicles is a rare example of a video game based on a film that manages to operate within the confines of the film’s structure while still providing a moderately entertaining gameplay experience.


Older kids will race through the game too quickly and would be better off with a rental. The graphics aren’t exactly cutting-edge, and the geheimnjsse is a bit repetitive after a while, but this is better than most movie tie-ins. Critic Score User Score Windows Wii Cheat Code Central Feb 25, Windows GamesRadar Feb 27, Though the heroes of the movie eventually save their own gehiemnisse from the forces of boredom, they probably won’t be able to save yours.

Xbox Worth Playing Feb 19, The Spiderwick Chronicles is really a poor excuse for an adventure game and an about average game in total, it is playable but not really that enjoyable.

For straight up adventuring that will keep the kids away from nasty swear words, vulgar behavior and gratuitous violence, then this game is the perfect eie. The environment is charming and leads to a nice few hours of exploration and adventure.

The oldest, largest and most accurate video game database covering over platforms from to date! The graphics tilm much to look at and the game can become frustrating at times. However, there are also plenty of negatives. Exactly what the world has come to expect from a movie tie-in game and the fact it has been aimed squarely at kids makes matters worse as the difficulty level never rises above sleepwalking.

Overall, The Spiderwick Chronicles is an average movie tie-in. Xbox Gamernode Feb 12, Wii Game Vortex Mar 02, The multiplayer could definitely have benefitted from the inclusion of a co-op mode. The Chronicles could get younger players hooked on adventure gaming. Wii IGN Feb 13,