Collect and allocate funds to research, build factories, engage in a little interstellar diplomacy and sabre rattling if you have a moment, all guaranteed to warm the cockles of a CPA? Universe is the newest chapter of this critically acclaimed sci-fi series, adding incredible new features and an exciting new storyline. I realize that they change from time to time as my Empire develops, could it be “prefered” starlanes for civil shipping? If the Shakturi do get it and do sail around with it make sure to build a good heavy fleet to hunt it down and kill it before it destroys too many of your planets. I indeed played that Ancient Galaxy scenario as the first one after the intro game. Do your best to stay in the mechanoids good graces.

By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Hearts of Iron 4 Man the Guns will be here soon – here’s a reminder of what to expect 18 Feb 0. Fighters and Carriers Build fighter bay components into ships and bases Fighters launch from carriers to intercept enemies: Then it’s fun infecting the Shakturi planets and watching their population die. CodeForce and Matrix Games matrixgames. And you will also notice that usually the lines will connect 2 spaceports to each other. The Horse Lords Tournament has started!

Distant Worlds Universe is available now! Distant Worlds video available An introductory video showcasing the Distant Worlds gameplay is now available in the videos section 13 Jan The first time is the best time, so don’t spoil your playthrough with the answer.

Those enable the storyline events and locations, which I referred to above as the storylines. Xistance Xistance 21 shamturi. Galahad78, Watch out for the Desolation Moon abandoned ship, it is a massive planet killer ship that the Shakturi tend to get ahold of and once repaired it sails around blowing up planets.

Is there anything I can do to defeat the Shakturi or should I have handled things differently at the start of the war?


Two new Distant Worlds videos available Two more videos are now available in the videos section.

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I’ve never had a world destroyed by the Shakturi in all of those games. Otherwise the expansion module has a boatload of enhancements that either improves current game play or provides additional functionality. We recommend that all owners of Distant Worlds – Legends update to this version. Storline here to get your copy now! Aeson, Thanks for the info on the 3 options we can choose during a custom game setup, I was wondering if storylines would clash if more than 1 were picked.

To be honest, I? Xenox Xenox 8, 7 56 The unbelievable vastness of the galactic environment modeled when fused with storylinee play infinitely customizable to the player? Download your free copy. Like you said, the The lines basically just point back shaktuir your spaceports. No spoilersplay through the game and find out. They’re all mutually compatible with one another and with the three themes that come with the unmodded game, as far as I am aware.


Collect and allocate funds to research, build factories, engage in a little interstellar diplomacy and sabre rattling if you have a moment, all guaranteed to warm the cockles of a CPA? Icemania View Profile View Posts. Share on Facebook Share on Twitter.

If your playing in a huge universe then refueling rights are a big thing. Instead when battle fleets confront each other and the shooting begins, it? On the left and right edge of the Selection Panel are arrows what allow you to scroll to the next or previous similar item, while at the bottom lay the Action Buttons. Although I have seen a spaceport connected only to feeder planets, and not shkturi another port before, though usually when stodyline find and ‘capture’ and abandoned space port.


Assigning such craft to various fleets to menace your neighbors is equally as fun, so kudos to the design group for a smart choice here. I am not aware disyant any technical problems caused by playing with any combination of the Shadows, Original, Legends, or Return of the Shakturi storylines, regardless of whether you use the Default, Distant Worlds Original, or Ancient Galaxy themes.

I figured that shakruri I have Plasma Hardening and Shield Multipliers already I should be able sahkturi avoid the loss of any worlds Two years ago the Shakturi began their war on the on the good races of the galaxy. Several fighter and bomber variants available with research. With Distant Worlds you can start the game as a moderately or fully developed interstellar state with known aliens to deal with PS: The video details the long list of new features and improvements coming with Legends in addition to showing off some of the epic battles with varied and powerful ships that players can wage across the galaxy.

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Napoleon – – – – Tech Support – – – – Victory and Glory: Admittedly the game is not perfect. During this time of fake neutrality you can manipulate the entire galaxy to war dec the shakturi thus driving up their war weariness which will never decrease as the ancient guardians will maintain a state of perpetual war with fistant.

Galahad78 So, I began my first “Return of the Shakturi” game a couple of weeks ago.

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