Tomoe doesn’t believe that anything will lift the curse because he left Yukiji to died all alone, and that all human are weak including Nanami. Thanks to the advice given by Ami’s friend Kei Ueshima , Nanami decides to take Tomoe out on a date to an aquarium, but her childish attitude becomes problematic. Revival of the Beasts. Seeing Nanami Tomoe feels his heart has got stolen by this woman, and she is the one he wants to claim as his own. August 7, [27]. It was a romantic kiss.

Live from the Forest of Death! She later encounter four former gods who mock her while protecting a man named Kirihito, and she has Mamoru vanquish them after Kirihito gets seriously hurt. Naruto Shippuden Subtitled Dubbed. Kakashi Hatake, The Hokage. Nanami takes Tomoe to Yukiji’s house and lies he is a child she knows and is injured by yokai. A Meeting With Destiny. The Risks of the Reanimation Jutsu. Nanami, struggling to define exactly how she feels about Tomoe, allows a girl to walk home with him, but he later rejects the girl’s offer and confronts Nanami about this.

The Appearance of Strange Visitors. After Kurama warns Tomoe that the presence of miasma has increased inside the school, Tomoe finds that the source is coming from kissanije demon with a large tongue inside the girls locker room.

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On the Brink of Death. Mamoru uses its purifying ability to vanquish the dark presence, allowing Nanami to save Tomoe. The Child of Prophecy. Tomoe, recalling when Mikage also suddenly left the shrine twenty years ago, calls out for Nanami, and a box in the shed episoed with miasma rips open.


Return of the Kazekage.

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Nanami later runs away in tears after seeing Tomoe fondling another girl’s hair, when in fact he was divime her up from a fall. Squad 8 Left Behind. A second season was announced and premiered during January Killer Bee Rappuden, Part 1.

Tale of Naruto Uzumaki.

The Angelic Herald of Death. I Will Love You Always.

August 7, [27]. Nanami is not welcomed very much by the other gods due to her being a human. The next day Kossanime tries to take Nanami to his lair but Nanami shouted “I hate you” to Tomoe which made hi leave her. Kotetsu reverts Tomoe back to his yokai form, allowing Tomoe to break the seal and enter the Netherworld to save Nanami and Kirihito.

Although Tomoe originally planned not to join them, he reluctantly accompanies them after Mizuki decides to tag along.

Hunt or Be Hunted?! October 19, [34]. As Nanami has requested the child servant of Yukiji to not tell Tomoe who she is, he lies to him that the girl who saved him is named Yukiji. Tomoe sees Nanami leaving and kissamime to hurt her, but is unable to do so as he cannot see her scared and hurt.

Nanami said her goodbye to him and head back to the present. The Directive to Take the Nine Kjssanime. Note to our visitors in the EU This website uses cookies and tracking technologies to assist with your navigation, analyze use of our website and products and services, assist with your registration and login, and to assist with our marketing efforts.


Tomoe refuses to serve Epislde and leaves in frustration. We learn to never underestimate the power of that first kiss as we travel on her emotional journey with her.

The Chunin Exam Stage 2: A Meeting With Destiny. Tomoe and Mizuki look for Nanami, leaving Onikiri and Kotetsu to fend off the miasma by themselves.

She later asks Tomoe and Mizuki to return to the shrine without her. The Search for the Rare Bikochu Beetle. The Underworld Transfer Jutsu.

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Breaking the Crystal Style. PostedVia WN. Tomoe is worried and asked why she is doing such a dangerous task and Mikage responded that she getting the proof in order save him. Tomoe decides to take Nanami to a place which reveals to be a cherry blossom field. This Is My Ninja Way!! Sage of the Pyramid The Deceivers and the Deceived! Dangst4r All reviews 28 people found this review helpful.

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Robin is more of a stay-at-home type of guy who loves pizza, video games and tv, while Julien is an outgoing, spontaneous man with love for sports. The Forest of Death. By hearing this from him, Nanami finally smiles. February 7, [21].