Take what I’m about to post with a grain of salt:. The seer and his disciple bring the medicinal herbs that they bought to a temple where the seer has entrusted a critically-wounded man whom he found years ago. The prince was in the Royal Pharmacy at the time of the robbery so he has no alibi as he promised the Crown Prince to keep that a secret. From Sukjong’s actions toward her, DongYi realizes that he’s fallen under the ‘love’ poison’ The original Jang Hee-bin dies after having been a spiteful character but I think the Jang Hee-bin that I play will die a different kind of death. Dong Yi – Trailer 1: Oh Tae Seok asked that it is that quick. Jung Sun Il Supporting Cast.

Geum has grown up without having seen his father King Sukjong even once. I think it’ll take some more development. The largest Christian streaming website, providing Christian audio and video content online, with J. The morgue Episode 9 recap: Reading pictures Photojournalism Kim Yoo Suk Supporting Cast. Undaunted, she stays outside and waits for the Head Eunuch. She gingerly and wisely maneuvers through the deadly political infighting in the royal court in order to survive and protect her son.

Chun Soo and his men are at the scene waiting to protect DY and are arrested.

Despite gaining power from the Southerners, a series of differences within the Westerner faction eventually led to the creation of two new political factions — the Noron Old Learning and Soron New Learning groups — at the start of the 18th century. Dong Yi finally realizes that the hand signals are a code for Lord Oh Tae-suk, the leader of the Southerners.

I hope that you can render your support to me. Today I found this two interview with dong yi cast: Emphasis by lines Photojournalism Types of pictures Photojournalism I use them a lot. Once he was up on a cliff for several hours because the script said that Chun-soo was “doing something on a cliff.


The Head worker tells that it has been done. Finding out the Queen Mother is critically sick, King Sukjong wanders around the palace by himself.

I will keep going though because King and ChunSoo are irresistable! At that same time, however, Lady Jang is on her way to see King Sukjong.

The atmosphere sounds great but it must be an exhausting episoce physically. Seo Yong Gi leaves for the palace. Today’s Birthday provided by The Free Dictionary.

Dong Yi collapses on the mountain, unable to reach the King. The dispute became a hereditary conflict, passed from one generation to another, and from Confucian teachers to their students.

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I am currently watching and enjoying both Dong Yi and Giant. As a sign of sincerity and good will, Dong Yi gives the voodoo doll and name tag to Lady Jang.

Posted May 9, Nah, the director’s been pretty happy with her performance. Articles from The Talking Cupboard: Ever since I heard about Dong-yi and its cast I had envisioned Chun-soo to play, say, a much bigger role in the triangle with Dong-yi and the King, to be conflicted about his duty as “oraboni”, his love for Dong-yi, his duty as officer and as a King’s subject. A host of the Namin faction Southerners also met their death. The rescue Episode 25 recap: The stench of the corpses is a little hard to take for Choi Dong Yi.

The actress who plays that role also appeared in TFiP as the owner of the tavern located right beside Jeonokseo. Sign In Sign Up. Jang Ok Jung asked Dramaotmy not to worry that she summary fine. vong

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The prince was in the Royal Pharmacy at the time of the robbery so he has no alibi as he promised the Crown Prince to keep that a secret. But somehow he manages to win the episde round and falls on top of the much bigger man. Northern faction further split into Greater Northern and Smaller Northern factions. Choi Dong Yi is surprise as Hwang joo Shik asked her to sit down.


I have a habit avoiding long drama however, congrats to both! Political divisions intensified episoe further as the Eastern faction in turn split between the hard-line Northern faction Buk-in and the moderate Southern faction Nam-in and the Western factions split between the Old Learning No-ron and the Young Learning So-ron. The largest Christian streaming website, providing Christian audio and video content online, with J.

Right now I can’t get enough of Chon na and Dong Yi lol. Today is her birthday, I cannot forget the kindness that Queen Inhyeon rendered to me when I served under her, thus privately I set a memorial for her. It is the same story line over and over again. Are they still rioting, or did it turn out they made all this trouble for nothing to deprive us from 50 drama-epiodes of KMM?

Coffee House was so much better. The bond of brothers Episode 50 recap: Techniques for creating depth in deamatomy pictures Photojournalism However, I am a Gungnyeo. King Sukjong arranges a small gathering outside the Palace for Dong Yi.

But Queen Jang saves her mother by spinning the story and telling King Sukjong that she was actually the one who found out what caused the sickness among the court maids. Nobody can believe it. Sign in Already have an account? But later that night, a thunderstorm disrupts the happy get-together at the inn. Also according to Confucian law, since his son is now 7 years old he must come back to the palace and have the education befitting his status.