One of the nurses at the trial told her that Jennifer Baker is going downhill fast. Shelly Clark runs it. Nataline and the other doctors rush Eric upstairs for surgery. Bens big mouth has done it again. He said he was mad at Freddie but not at Cruz. Meanwhile, a man named Frank is rushed in to the ER with his wife running behind him — he had a massive heart attack. But the entire situation had Severide on edge.

And speaking of Sonny, poor guy. This guy seems pret Paige doesn’t seem like shes going to be dropping the matter. He didnt need to let her believe it was her fault. Especially going up against Victor like that! The dog bite victim has in infection — Natalie tells Reese to run a strep test.

Eve has some nerve talking to Jen the way she does in her own house about her own son. Im wondering tho if her mom was on her way to get an abortion. Natalie has a hunch — she remembers that some dogs can sense cancer when she sees Boomer barking at a cancer patient.

If you missed it, we have a full and detailed recap right here for you. Joey is thrilled he rushes off to make reservations so that they can celebrate.

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It made Connor feel like people were willing to stab in him in the back and so he questioned the wrong person about it. Shes acting too sketchy. I see her and Phillip getting back together.


That could have been played out better. Except I hope Serena and the elephant go far away Kayla and Steve will soon have their troubled son Cierra, Theo and Chase just want to have fun Next we have Caroline, 1-5-6 been on Days for eipsode years And Gabi being released from prison soon, this should bring on the tears Last but not least we have Paige and that sneaky Eve I wish the Deverauxs and them would just pack up and leave.

Maggie pays Natalie a visit upstairs, she finally found her wedding ring. Will spots April sneaking through the lobby with a brown paper bag. Clydes a bad ass.

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Meanwhile at the hospital, Natalie is having Goodwin baptized in the hospital chapel — with all of the staff there to watch. If you missed it, we have a full and detailed recap right here for you. Jessica had been the woman the Chicago Fire Department had found with a bag on her head and so the police department had looked into the matter for themselves.

It seems like Jj and Eve are growing closer than they expected A couple episde nuckle heads if you ask me. Natalie arrives at the hospital and greets Will. But the entire situation had Severide on edge.

She almost got slapped! He finds out that his loving husband has an affai And gets attacked while on his way to find him Xool is rushed in with a broken leg, he says that he broke it yesterday.


CDL is expanding again and looking for talented On the last episode, a teen patient with abdominal pain firmly refused any drugs.

Days Drama shared a link. Gleason starts having a seizure, Will rushes to get meds in him to try to stop seizing. Freddie was a former gangbanger and he did still have ties in that community. On the last episode, after shots ring out at a movie theater, the Chicago Med doctors worked to treat the victims while hospital administrator Sharon Goodwin S.

Natalie tells his parents that they are going to need their blood samples so they can figure out what exactly is wrong with Michael and how they can help him.

On the last episode, a teen patient with abdominal pain firmly refused any drugs. I’m glad Shawn wised up and left her. I dont see a happily ever after for Sonny and Wills marriage. Jessica as it turns out never had cancer but she was dying from an overdose of chemotherapy. Only that part was kind of a lie.

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After all he had still been in a position — he would have told Cruz not to bring Freddie around them. She confesses that she was sneaking Chuck Gleason a drink. Maggie warns April that Jenkins has a thing for him and she needs to be careful.