Doraleous tries to help the people of Meh, but does Lord Yahtzee want his help? I for sure wanna see Drak wolf out, or whatever complication you had in mind for the bite. I just want to know when the new episodes are coming out. Add Image S1, Ep8. Neebs joining his own Associates, like a Barbarian call it, Nanok Conan, backwords Nanoc is a brasilian character of a site, jovemnerd. What you guys have been doing up until now is excellent, but while you should not be afraid to experiment, any changes that are made should be subtle. See also TV Schedule.

Also, itd be nice if the new season had an overarching plot, with multiple story arcs. Add Image S1, Ep2. Or maybe have him inadvertently bring peace to the kingdoms through his brooms. Not in a sexual way, but more than any other dude This should be a good chemistry between them! Neebs and Thesaurus have a duel for Neebs old job back.

Add Image S1, Ep3. You guys didn’t even have a small storyline episode chambered to release when your kickstarter was a success? Add Associatws S1, Xoraleous Let’s face it, he needs to be in a gang, he’s a wuss on his own. Or have the apprentice end up learning faster than Mirdon and leaving him jealous. Which would probably be the side of Thesaurus, since Drak has this sort of senior-employee self-importance thing going on.

But as an added kick, he and Callus could have verbal conflicts mirroring the ones like Doraleous had with Neebs!!

Free forum by Nabble. I just want to know when the new episodes are coming out. Doraleous and Associates watch as the the worst soldier from the Wetalds battles the worst soldier of the Nanadoos.


I know since I was there day one watching episode one of associafes show on the Escapist thinking you guys were going to be a big hit.

Doraleous discovers something odd about the Zephyr Blade and visits the Lady of the lake once again. Not in a sexual way, but more than any other dude In reply to this post by Salieri Morella.

All proceeds go assocoates the black cloak society. While everyone can’t agree on everything, they can all agree that neebs has the best brooms.

Also, itd be nice if the new season had an overarching plot, with multiple story arcs. With the tension between Drak and Thesaurus rising, there does need to be some form of all-out argument between the two where Doraleous ends up taking a side.

New Doraleous & Associates Episodes

Add in an anti-hero type character that is always the butt end of the joke despite his efforts to be seen as a badass.

On the other hand, the chemistry between the small cast of characters works out pretty well. Animated tv ddoraleous to watch! In reply to this post by Salieri Morella I would like to see a black dude that really likes sandwiches.

Know what aszociates is about? He’s gotten too small time on the show, only small parts in the episodes. I’d imagine the sequel would be a story about how the courageous Neebs was betrayed by the people he trusted most, even after killing Ahd again again with swords. Doraleous returns to the castle after receiving a large wooden horse, but is disappointed at what he discovers.


This should be a good chemistry between them! Well, I’d suggest you follow your original script! You know the guy who because he’s been around a little longer he feels it’s his right to push around the new guys.

Im a brazilian fan of you guys and i loved the show. See also TV Schedule. According to Newgrounds, you already had planed an amount of 72 Episodes! Probably the best internet show of its genre.

Lady of the Lake was what hooked me in the first episode, would love to see more of her in any capacity. Definitely another Zypher Blade quest to see the lady of the lake.

Ep 33 Doraleous & Associates

You are fucking awesome. Add Image S1, Ep5. And make Doraleous go for the quest to get the Zephyr Blade! Having him start a rival group of associates would be great. Nose noise of the North. Here are some ideas doraleojs may help get the creative juices flowing. I would like to see what happens with everything they currently have going