Yes, I still waiting for you. Suddenly, 2 thiefs came and tried to rob his money. Hey Nyai, Ambu please help me. How much I pay to you? Scene 2 The next day, in the sunny morning kabayan was picking up his luggages,. OK, Kabayan, see you later!

I imagine that you have to speak English with sunda accent XD but first, you have to learn Sundanese accent with me hahaaha. Hmmm wait a minute. In the rice shop. I can’t finished that without them. I will marry you! And Nyi Iteung succeed to prove to Ambu if Kabayan still have kind attitude. I mean to ask help to god.

Nyi iteung and ambu go to kitchen and Kabayan was talking with Abah. Kabayan will you guesting my question? Many boy rich and handsome want to marry you, but you not like one of them. He will trick Kabayan with his question. She walked in, and took something.

How a stupid boy Kabayan. How much you want to buy?


Jasmine Cikal Fadhlia: Kabayan Got Married (Drama text)

How about 3 kg? Okay, you can take a rest for awhile. When I go to market according what Ambu instructed to me, I will sell a chicken.

I promise I will make him into diligent man! You leave me right? See you later Mbu!

I not like your thinking. My monster mother is sick now! She is Iteung, our old friend who moved to the city.

I came here to find a job. Do you want to be fired?

Restu Hubungan Kabayan jeung Nyi Iteung – DRAMA SUNDA

Be patient Nyi Iteung. Scene 4 Few moths, passed by. Can I help you?

Abah and Ambu I still fell sinned with my behavior last week. I think if you are smart, you can use a wishes for you want and other wishes for nyi iteung, Kabayan. I miss her voice when she shouted at me to do everything she wants. Suddenly Nyi Iteung and Ambu pas in front of them.


And I must pay Rp. Then the hard war began. They talked and walk together. I think your cow was bought by Kabayan. Abah and Ambu want to have a grandson. I will help you. Ambu I went to mount gede for praying, fasting and also meditating to god. Beranda Video Reading Speaking Listening.

Actually I need it tomorrow. Eleuh eleuh … whose the cow?