Always the voice of reason and even if it seemed to follow a rather tortuous logic, she had a plan for every situation. Its a delight to see the class level of Pakistani dramas. His shots are beautifully composed and visually astute, and he manages to create magic with his writer and director, in translating their vision. Bashar momin is best serial in my life She is an enchantress who can captivate audiences, swaying them to like or dislike at will. People think that Movli’s family will be a supernatural family. Like all the very best serials the music was an integral part of its success.

The natural acting of the cast and the realistic characters and situations they were in was wonderfully directed by Ali Tahir. Khalil ur Rehman Qamar wrote the character of Farah Ibrahim as an arrogant beauty who refused to acknowledge Afzal till the very last minute. I owe no rights. Manali khalil khalil skhaikh 2 years ago. Janam Jali’s Facebook page. Bashar momin is best serial in my life

Ahista Ahista Worst drama and the slowest drama to Finish Its now a full fledged industry improving every month and every year Khalil ur Rehman Qamar wrote the character of Farah Ibrahim as an arrogant beauty who refused to acknowledge Afzal till the very last minute. This is a Mobile Edition. Pyaray afzal my favourite Manali khalil khalil s 2 years ago.

Maatam Episode 51 – 11 November On Ary Digital ~ Watch Online Pakistani Tv Dramas

Ushna Shah and Hareem Farooq are both talented actresses who surprisingly made their mark by playing the ‘bad girl’. Loug Kiya Kahenge Sanwari. It showcased the lives of a career oriented overachiever doctor wife Kiran Chaudhry and her laid back but awesomely cool husband Imran Aslam and dad to their wonderful kids.


In my opinion this the best acting i have seen from any Pakistani actor episde last 50 years of television drama. Though the mazloom aurat remains a staple of our drama industry, some male dominated stories like LaaPyaray Afzal and Bashar Momin managed to find a foothold amid the rivers of tears. Acting, dialogue, direction, stories.

Fresh off its success with the fabulous Aunn Zarathe channel invested in interesting stories, excellent writing and good production value, allowing it to punch well above its weight and proving that quality will always rise to the top.

Sheher e Yaaran By Ary Digital Episode 50 – 30th December 2013

Qasim Ali created scenes that haunted our thoughts long after we would have forgotten the serial. Written by Faiza iftikhar and directed by Kashif Nisar, Ghundi was outrageously funny but somehow flew under the radar. A special transmission was held in Karachi and broadcast on Hum TV at the conclusion of the drama.

Ayeza played her role with an unfaltering determination that showed how good an actress she has become. It seemed as if TV channels were stuck in the rinse and repeat cycle of a washing machine driven by cliches. She single handedly made Shikwa one of the more interesting dramas this year coupled with her standout work in Marasim — she is a delight to watch on screen.

Hamza Ali Abbasi for all the reasons listed above, he is now yarah forever our iconic Afzal Bhai. Shehr-e-Zaat by Umera Ahmad. Both these directors deserve a mention for making us watch conventional stories through an atypical lens. Specially the dialogues written by Khalil ur RehmanQammar are matchless and excellent.

Under the radar For dramas that went undetected but deserve a mention Ghundi: The City Of Self Urdu: He has that rare talent of being able to pull viewers out of their complacent, comfortable seat in front of the screen 550 drown them in the visual before them, enmeshing actor and audience into one single emotion.


Historically speaking, Pakistani dramas are at another cusp, the interest in them reaching historical and international heights. Naeem Mustafa’s brilliant and realistic aesthetic veers, never interfere with the narrative but add another layer to the story telling. Aashiqui turkey drama title song ayesha nadeem 2 years ago.

Her effortless characterisation and seamless handling of the timeline are commendable. Suave, handsome, kind and honourable — if only we could see more like him on screen.

This drama could have easily turned into a potboiler, but in his deft hands it became fresh, compelling and unmissable. Despite the all-too-familiar elements of a controlling mother coming between her son and his true love, this serial rose well above average by seamlessly weaving each protagonist’s perspective into one enthralling story.

Bee Gul PehchanZanjabeel Asim Bashar Momin There were a lot of good scripts this year; in fact seems to be the year of the writer. Invoking the bitter-sweet ride that was Pyaray Afzalhere was all the promise, the blind resilience of youth and inexperience as it met the harshness of this world head on, encapsulated in one shfhr song.

Abdullah Kadwani Asad Qureshi. Junoon tere pyar ka Ost Humtv farz yaar 5 years ago.