So you better remember! Season 3, which consists of fourteen episodes, began airing on October 5, Xandir P Whifflebottom voice Tara Strong I knew wooldoor wouldn’t listen to me, So I brought a friend who might be a bit more convincing. Meanwhile, Toot fears to go to her fat camp reunion, worried that she will be teased by the bullies at the camp, but then she discovers a video game cheat book for ‘The Legend of Xandir’ in the attic, and uses it to control Xandir so he can accompany her to the reunion. While in the bushes, Spanky meets Charlotte the spider, who he has an overnight affair with. Archived copy as title link. I thought you were different.

Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. While trying to save his friends from the van, Xandir becomes a derelict hobo and abandons them. They convince Wooldoor to take her back to the forest and he does so, but then realizes that he cannot live without her. Keep track of everything you watch; tell your friends. However, when Wooldoor, having not actually died, returns to the house, he reveals that Strawberry Sweetcake has a dark secret, which Foxxy, using her mystery-solving abilities, proves. And ling-ling was surrounded by babes.

I love your religious propaganda Clumsily disguised as children’s entertainment. Now close to death, Clara is dragged to the church that Wooldoor now prays in by Foxxy and Spanky; however Wooldoor is thoroughly convinced of the error of his ways by the VeggieFables, but is forced to produce a clum baby to heal Clara through means of torture from Foxxy and Spanky, causing him to be caught between the conflicting ways of the VeggieFables and his fellow housemates.

Epislde are no spark when we battle.

Now I know why captain hero does it all over the pool table late at night When he thinks no one is watching. Can it cure the alzheimer’s?

Clara reveals that she has a tentacled monster living in her vagina, which, after Toot angers it, eats Wooldoor and causes the other housemates except for Foxxy to attempt to destroy the monster. What’s the point of having a secret deep programming room If everybody know where it is?


Bill Freiberger however stated that it wasn’t a reference to that SpongeBob episode. The housemates do a role-playing exercise to help Xandir tell his parents played by Captain Hero and Toot he is gay, which blows up into a story of seduction, betrayal, and redemption. You mustn’t use one of those. I am a man who will fight for your honor I’ll be the hero that you’re– [panting] [panting] dreaming of [squeak, squeak] Princess clara: Toot, on the other hand, overindulges and soon has to undergo weight loss as advised by Xandir with disturbing psychological results.

Your mother and I know you have enjoyed the bachelor life, But now it time to be with one opponent forever. Unless something unexpectedly magical happens, I guess I’ll give up masturbation forever.

You’re killing me so good. However, the housemates stick to the hotline, before abandoning it to worship a ‘frog god’ for a while, but soon must pay a visit to a disembodied man, who is feeling suicidal, although he is hiding a dark secret.

Drawn Together () s02e05 Episode Script | SS

Wooldoor sockbat, What on god’s great white earth Are you doing? I can finally do it! You battle me and my sister at the belmont rounds. Then god wants you to have the consumption. I don’t wanna go to hell! Captain Hero is desperate to hang out with the Cool Kids, but cannot until Foxxy, who is one of them, gives him a chance to join them.

Clum Babies

During a men’s night, Captain Hero, Xandir, Spanky, Wooldoor and Ling-Ling play the ‘Drawn Together Drinking Game’ and become thoroughly drunk, unfortunately Ling-Ling kills Xandir, depriving him of his last life as he is a video game characteran togetjer that Ling-Ling feels regret over.

Don’t bring them back, little friend, not yet. A food competition leaves half the housemates Captain Hero, Clara, Spanky and Wooldoor on the brink of starvation.

A total of 36 episodes were produced over the series’ three seasons. Meanwhile, Ling-Ling is discovered to secrete a hallucinogenic drug when disappointed, and Xandir, Toot and Wooldoor take advantage of this. I decided to take it upon myself To show wooldoor how to get it on with his bad-self. Drasn, and clara need a clum baby. My crutches don’t squeak anymore.


What are you thinking about? Meanwhile, Toot finds all five UPCs with the help of Foxxy and stops the company from enslaving kids. Photos Add Image Add an image Do you have any images for this title? Audible Download Audio Books. Oh, sweetie, if you want relief, All you need is a little pud play. babiee

Drawn Together – Season 2, Episode 5: Clum Babies –

You tell ’em, bob the cucumber. I never thought of it that way. And I’m sorry I spy on clara going potty every morning. While trying to save his friends from the van, Xandir becomes a derelict hobo and abandons them. I don’t want to die.

The clum babies have cured me of my psychosis. Meanwhile, the rest of the gang leaves her behind to go to the mall, but end up getting trapped in the van. I can’t live with this. With everyone else gone, I can finally enjoy masturbating the way he intended By myself.

Meanwhile, Spanky comes down with a computer virus and gay-marries Xandir so he can qualify for health insurance; however, Clara is onto them, believing that if the two marry, the institution of marriage will fall apart, so she contacts the King of Insurance, leading to Spanky and Xandir having to pretend they are legitimately married as to avoid punishment from him.

By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Captain Hero discovers how to communicate through time with his younger self when his nipple ring is struck by lightning.