I don’t think they will since IU has never kiss before. She is fond of SD too but not romanticly. Anybody care to explain to me how this is possible? I’m really at an awe with how the Show stitched everything together: Download the latest version here. Hence he seems like the ideal type of man all women dream of having. Like any other rookie, she firmly believes that since she’s already been admitted into the arts academy school, as long as she’s willing to work hard, she will become a professional singer someday. Posted December 7,

The couple who is unoffically offically. That’s the kind of person JB is. They have great chemistry AND he can sing too! I’ve never been able to read music so you music majors have my respect. Jin Gook has always been saving BH.. I guess he needed to get out of his old agency to get the pendent.

I don’t have absolute pitch but I’m awesome with relative pitch. Oh-hyuk comes to collect him, and delivers him to tempoary refuge in the old basement studio, which Doo-shik has rented. It’s only when she could no longer be a performing singer that she once again discovered that there are other opportunities and possibilities open up to her as well. She possess lots of talent but her disrespectful attitude make her into an idol with a bad reputation.

She needs a shrink, help from gigh teachers, and good friends more than anything else. Because of her simple nature, she is able to experience the true sense of happiness and is always seen to be in a jolly and cheerful mood.


Kang Sora is as cute as the popular child star Seo Hyun. And no peanut butter.

Be it whether is dancing, singing or rapping, he seems to be competent in everything he’s doing. Ahn Kil Kang Supporting Cast.

He would always cherish the thought that “I’m far more talented and gigh than you” and because of this mindset, it would inadvertently lead to more conflicts and rivalry between the two.

Uhm Ki Joon Supporting Cast. Hye-mi and Jason perform well, with just a few flat notes each. Oh totally, the diet part.

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Most of the time, this is hardly his fault as they are just very different in terms of their attitude and their style of doing things. What happened between Baek-hee and the president? Can’t wait for next weeks’! I want a scene like that!

Every night, he is seen performing on the streets in Hongdae, central Seoul this is the center of Korea’s youthful nightlife and this is his way of having fun in life.

Any website with Dream High Episode 7 eng sub out yet?

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I read somewhere about someone’s theory that the pendant brings the bearer up from the pits of despair or something along those lines and that PS or JS won’t receive the pendant as what on earth could happen to them that would make them that low? By drea, way, I agree about the cliffhanger. Or dance with their face?


I want some righteous rage. Up till episode 13 and they haven’t talk hibh each other.

Episode 12

Jin Gook has always been saving BH. OK, it’s definitely not Sam-dong. Yoon Young Ah Supporting Cast. Hence, as a trainee, when she has failed to meet the grades, she felt as though her whole world has collapsed.

I’m curious as to how they’ll deal with in now.

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Yuki February 16, at 4: Or just let him eplsode a song writer. Even his manager is impressed with the level of his success, but Jin-gook is more moved by a particular congratulatory wreath, sent by his father. Yet on the other hand, she may also seem like your girl-next-door nuna who is always warm and generous.

In your heart can’t it be me”. It seems to be a significant problem in the industry I’m thinking back to the actress from BOF and several others. Iand i’m sure a lot of fans, want ro know what happened to the characters of season 1!