They were so cute in episode two! I laughed at Genie and I’ve replayed the happy birthday song multiple times. Sgcrazed January 18, at 5: JB – I loved this episode like I couldn’t believe. Admittedly, before I was rooting for no girl but Pil-sook, lol , but now it’s all Hye-mi for me. Meet the community members dedicated to bringing you the subtitles for this channel. I really want to know. So my point being, kudos for your analysis!

Posted December 7, January 17, at Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5. But seeing that they took a picture together, I’m confused. Either way, Episode 5 had me loving every single minute. Because of her distinctly warm and gracious personality, she is able to mingle really well with the students at Kirin High. He would always cherish the thought that “I’m far more talented and competent than you” and because of this mindset, it would inadvertently lead to more conflicts and rivalry between the two.

It’s just so obvious that they might as well have shown her face. She just learned how to be a professional from Kang Ji Hwan. Download the latest version here.

At least he was pursuing a dream. She even, in her own way, is trying to protect Pil-sook, admits her wrong-doings, and really tries now. Balletgoddess January 17, at She’s also known to be Korea’s Beyonce and someone who has a very cool and forthright personality.

This Drama will deal with new students instead of the first batch student and follows idol stars who are about to have nervous breakdowns and troubled students from Kirin High School of Art. Be it whether is dancing, singing or rapping, he seems to be competent in everything he’s doing.

Inspired January 18, at 4: Hye-mi vream Baek-hee if she did it, who turns up her nose at her rival. His eyes are warm and cute. She possess lots of talent but her disrespectful attitude make her into an idol with a bad reputation. That makes 2 of us actually, and if I were to pick a character among the Episove, it’d be Stormer a lot, because she wasn’t that baddie after all.


Hye-mi can pick up from watching Pil-sook that despite her own superior vocals, Pil-sook beats her in the emotion department. She is so cute and pretty.

Dream High 2 Episode Lee Byung Joon Supporting Cast. Every night, he is seen performing on the streets in Hongdae, central Seoul this is the center of Korea’s youthful nightlife and this is his way of having fun in life.

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Because of her distinctly warm and gracious personality, she is able to mingle really well with the students at Kirin High. I just have to say, though, that reading this made me realize just how old I am. I really root for Hihg, she’s real! Evaluation day arrives, and the students find out that their evaluations will be based on karaoke scoring.

So my point being, kudos for your analysis! Only my urge to keep seeing the guys really pulled me through the first 4 though even 4 was an improvement over the first 3. Sam dong is so caring and it would be awesome if a drama finally showed that kinda guy getting the girl I am with you here.

I will continue to episodr her the benefit of the doubt and believe that she didn’t go too far as vandalizing and dropping that pot. Laputacastle88 January 18, at 4: Although she’s losing control in her quest to be the best. My heart is seriously cracking higu Jin-gook here. Getting shoved into that suitcase and being an experiment for crime novels prob messed up her mind Not to mention all those pencils and coffee.

Episodes by odilettante. I think the promo posters and announcements are quite clear in suggesting there will be 3 couples once this drama closes.

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But seriously, what she does? Do you notice that the president’s fashion style is now changing like President Jung’s? I already have a warm blanket prepared to withstand the cold at Kirin High School. Including a 2PM guy singing a 2AM song, heh.


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I refuse to believe that the coffee-house girl dropped it. Cant wait for this drama to be aired along side Violent Romance 2 drama that i will keep an eye on. Usually by now you can kinda guess who the lead guy is but with this show I’m like ahhh Rina January 18, at Dramacraz put it across more aptly, the desire of victory or ihgh doesn’t seem to bother him much at all. And I wish for more Milk Couple’s scenes!!

Fans already know that Jiyeon and Hyorin are the remaining two girls, but word on who the two boys at the side are has not been revealed. It’s because of all these that enables him to enjoy a true sense of joy and freedom. Sorry think I have the wrong character am referring to the cute girl with the glasses n plays a pink guitar. A verification email has been sent to your new email address. Sam-dong, stop being adorable and wonderfully protective and even cutely jealous.

In Season Two, Kirin Arts High School has fallen from its top arts academy status into dire financial straits and is in danger of closing. She’s not as bad as she was in episode 1. Oh I don’t know he can actually act.