Tentaculat All reviews 38 people found this review helpful. Saika Arc that are out in Japan and America by the same author of the original manga. Retrieved from ” https: July 17, [18]. ZephSilver All reviews 63 people found this review helpful. Action , Mystery , Supernatural Scores: Izaya wakes up, realizing that Shizuo hit him in an office building adjacent to the warehouse. Please use our search form before sending new request!

Meanwhile, Shizuo is visited by Kasuka Heiwajima , who brought Ruri with him. Retrieved March 14, When prompted for a title, Narita ” Akane thinks back to when she first received a cellphone from her parents and grandfather. Alley V announced for PS Vita”. Click to load comments.

Mar 10, Meanwhile, Chikage tells Masaomi that he and Mikado are both trying to cover up the tten that they are weak for different reasons. Izaya shows up at the hospital just when Anri is about to tell Erika about Saika.

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Tsukiyama confronts Aoba after school, but her ejglish catches on fire, possibly because of carrying paint thinner. Celty goes berserk and follows them in her shadows throughout the city.

tn Izaya tells Mikado that the most important thing for the Dollars is freedom, but points out that Mikado is conscientious about leaving the gang. As the two see the Blue Squares from a distance, Chikage plans to go down there and take off their masks while Masaomi tells him which one is Mikado. Kyohei and Chikage engage in a gruesome battle, and the former is the victor.

Unconfirmed rumors are spread about Shizuo Heiwajima while he assists Tom Tanaka in collecting a debt from a customer who heard the rumors.

In the abandoned factory, Aoba and the Blue Squares receive a message of the whereabouts of Kyohei and Chikage. In the online chat room, Chikage tells Mairu and Kururi that people in real life are no different than people online.

A confused Masaomi chases after a member of the Blue Squares and knocks him unconscious, realizing that Mikado sent a text message to the Blue Squares to go near Anri’s apartment without her knowing. Haruna, who notices that Anri is trying to contain Saika within her, offers to take Saika for herself. Saika Arc that are out in Japan and America by the same author of the original manga. Hen realizes that the logs of the online chat room up until yesterday are gone.


As Celty begins to change Shinra’s bandages, she notices a scar durarxra his lower abdomen, which he received by being stabbed by a knife in the past. They do not contain questionable content ex: She believed to have led a carefree life in elementary school until she researched that her family business was really a crime syndicate.

Izaya, now discharged from the hospital, is seen typing in the online chat room as two different users, and Namie remarks that he has no friends.

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Views Read Edit View history. Meanwhile, Shizuo continues to chase Izaya, ending up to where Aoba and Chikage are located in the streets. When he goes outside, duragara uses a stun gun on him. May 3, 7: Celty confronts Mikado for his reasons behind wanting to purge the Dollars, especially when she believes that Aoba is using Mikado to fight Masaomi and the Yellow Scarves.

Mikado agrees to go with Anri and Aoba with the condition that they meet during the day. Meanwhile, Mikado finds out from an online post that Shizuo got arrested, and Aoba begins to wonder if Mikado truly is twisted. There is news about shooting incidents involving the Dollars at the police station and the engkish of Dougen Awakusuthe head of the Awakusu Dufarara.

While enjoying his day off on his getaway trip in the countryside with Celty SturlusonShinra Kishitani receives a call from Izaya.

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Ranked Popularity MembersVorona says farewell to Shizuo but promises to return one day, while Celty and Shizuo are interrupted by Kinnosuke out on the road. Kasuka and Ruri meet with Max Sandshelt, who shows Ruri a photo of her surrounded by men wearing opera masks. Chikage discreetly follows Walker, who seems to be blacklisted at an art gallery, and ends up at a girls’ high school. They do not spoil anything in the current or future episodes.

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Later, Seiji mentions to Mika that he put two fingers over his lips when he leaned in to kiss Namie. While thinking of what to buy for Shinra, Celty ends up being chased by Kinnosuke up to present time.

In the online chat room, the users discuss that Ruri Hijiribe is being stalked by a member of the Dollars. The first cour began in Januarythe second cour began in July and the third cour began in January Share anime to your friends! Mikado agrees to be duraarara leader of the Blue Squares, but first stabs Aoba in his right hand on a piece of paper to form a contract, in which Mikado demands that Aoba accepts his anger.


Retrieved March 28, However, she runs into Haruna Niekawaanother wielder of Saika. How will the true love of his life and soulmate, Tom, react to such shocking news? Kasuka tells Ruri that he became an actor to express human emotions through his characters, which is the exact opposite of what Ruri wants. After Shizuo and Tom return, Vorona walks with them, and Shizuo buys Vorona a soft drink as a token of his gratitude. In the present, Masaomi contacts Izaya and inquires about Mikado’s recent behavior, but Izaya replies by suggesting Masaomi to talk to Mikado himself.

Izaya also convinced Akane that Shizuo was the most dangerous hitman in the city.

Assuming Erika is infected, Anri could use her Saika can negate the hypnotic effect. Mikado wants to end the Dollars in a perfect way, so that this gang could be seen as spisode legend. The story is told from the perspective of approximately eleven of the main characters and changes every episode in the anime, sometimes even more often.

This page was last edited on 4 Februaryat Mikado, who was fully masked, lights Kisuke on fire, causing Kisuke to run away in anguish. Meanwhile, an exhausted Celty informs Shinra about the difficulty of sleeping arrangements for her house guests. Izaya advises Mikado to quit the Dollars and lead a normal life, but Mikado declines by saying that Izaya was behind the reason why Masaomi knows about him.

Chikage departs after Erika says that Kyohei Kadota was involved in a hit and run and will be waking up from his operation soon. Izaya lights a match to cause the warehouse to go up in flames, but Celty’s shadows engulf the explosion.