He is now in the hospital resting after the medication was given by the doctor. Keep track of everything you watch; tell your friends. She was about to leave when Fredo saw her outside and decided to park his car. Now, the only hope of Dyesebel is her mother, Banak. Because of this, she wanted Dyesebel to have DNA test to be sure that she did not lie to her mother Lucia. While they are talking, a man named “Hippolonio” suddenly appears before them. She fights back, but the magic conch-shell was stolen. Now, the man is asking to help him get his wife back and he will not hit Dyesebel again.

Together with Gobi and Octavio, Liro organizes a coup d’etat against Dyangga to set things right in their kingdom. So Fredo accompanied Dyesebel to go there just in case they find her mother Banak. Later, the news reaches Dyesebel and Lucia as the TV reports a mermaid spotted near the bay. TV Shows with mermaids! Dyesebel’s battle for her kingdom begins. Banak takes the role as the mother of Dyesebel. She will finally use him to get Fredo back into her arms.

Now, Dyesebel learns that her mother Banak is looking for her, and even risking her life being with humans in her mermaid form, just to go out looking for her. Now that Fredo and Dyesebel fhll friends, he introduced her to his mother who wants to know more about her. Full Cast and Crew.

Photos Add Image Add an image Do you have any images for this title? Meanwhile, Lucia woke up in the hospital, looking for Tino and her daughter Beatriz. Meanwhile, young Dyesebel swims in the ocean surface and sees Fredo who throws the bottle, which landed directly on her head. The next day, Lucia wakes up at the Hospital and remembers who saved her from death.

Now, Liro is their informant and he provides intelligence regarding the Bantay Sirena led by Dante, the father of Dyesebell who happens to be his rival in winning the heart of Dyesebel.


DYESEBEL March 31, 2014 Teaser

She decided to hone her talents of dancing and singing, but ultimately decided to focus on the latter. But Queen Dyangga tries to manipulate things to her advantage. Pinky Pusit advises Dyesebel to stay away from human beings because of their hostility towards mermaids.

One day, Lucia discovers that she was pregnant. Banak and the rest of the kingdom are happy upon seeing them safe. Lucia is longing to see her lost daughter soon. Dyesebel is celebrating her birthday. Meanwhile, Dyesebel asks her Fredo to teach her how to read and write. He marvh Betty and Dyesebel to each other. Everyone is present at the church, especially Fredo dyexebel is excited waiting for her bride. She thinks that Lucia only cares about looking for her lost daughter.

Betty is also shocked upon learning that they were lost.

On the other hand, Elena is pretending to help Lucia when it comes to Betty. Now that she is back, she wants to get his love back whatever the cost it may take. Meanwhile, Lucia closes a deal marfh Kanor that can lead her closer to her lost daughter. Curious about what the bottle is, she gets it and hides it among the rocks. Now the experts have articulated that the DNA gull have shown something different.

When Fredo arrives, she learns where he goes episodf whole day. But comes the problem, the Dyesebel becomes to naive and childish about love in the beginning of the story. She is bent on taking revenge against at the mermaid, so she decided to connive with Reyna Dyangga. They are now having their respective roles in their places. On the other hand, Liro finds a way to get Dyesebel back on their place as instructed by Reyna Dyangga.

On the other hand, Liro is proud to announce his love for Dyesebel. Directed by Don M. TV Shows with mermaids! It turns out she is something even more mysterious. Then, he gives her flowers while they are in the bay walk.


Liro is now pursuing his epislde to win the heart of Dyesebel. Episods feels afraid to come nearer because everyone will know her true identity if she touches the water.

After having mxrch separated since their flee from the kingdom, Dyesebel has dreamt of one day being reunited with her foster mother. Pasion, it is topbilled by Anne Curtis[1] [2] together with an ensemble cast. Lucia, Banak and Fredo found Dyesebel in her mermaid form hiding inside a hut, owned by the family she rescued from drowning. Dyangga Banak Lucia Tino. Queen Dyangga has received some information about dyessebel mermaid who soon will topple her from the throne, and she vows to hunt for that mermaid.

Betty is back to make sure that Fredo does not fall in love with Dyesebel. Dyesebel starts avoiding the advances of Fredo while convincing herself that they are not meant for each other because he is a human and she is a mermaid.


Now, he vows to Lucia that he will always protect and take care of her. Fredo saves the mermaid with Dante his father.

She is asking for her freedom but she can’t escape because she needs to be studied so that humans can defend themselves against mermaids.

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Two soldiers have been accused of conniving with humans in stealing precious pearls from the kingdom. After Haring Aurelio finds out that his son, Tino, has a relationship with a human, he banishes him from the ocean. Meanwhile, Lucia found a baby inside the carton. This only means hostility and danger awaits for the mermaid once everyone in the kingdom learns about her identity.

Even though Fredo does not agree on the idea, Dyesebel still goes with Betty.