The last episode 20 November on BBC Sale ends It is likely if these four episodes are include it would now end That’s more likely to be a mistake though, than listings or Genome. Hi they sent the list over https: I would assume that a Director directs two episodes and it’s only the writer that changes but as it’s not listed, do I leave them blank or leave a?. I started going through all the clips I could find on the BBC website to update this but it seems that a lot of them are exclusive scenes rather than special episodes though I think they should still be listed there, which is why I made a separate section for them. Hi Kelvin and Soaper Thannks Kelvin talk

Ruth married Mark in , but do you think she should be listed as Ruth Aitken, also credited as Ruth Fowler and the same for other characters?. I wondered what you guys thought about moving the three World Cup specials out of the supplemental section and into the main list, as they are similar to the two Comic Relief specials, were broadcast on BBC One, one was part of another programme like the Comic Relief ones, and as far as I can tell, they were part of the ongoing story correct me if I’m wrong about that. I will use you wording from now on for the episode broadcast at different times and will backtrack through all the other articles so the wording is the same. Listening to what Mick was saying, I’m wondering if it was put together from previously recorded Mick scenes and therefore is essentially archive footage and shouldn’t be counted. After I finish going through BARB this week it might be worth me asking the written archives to check if the single numbered hour long episodes are correct. Just to double check before I change all the pages are you ok with the following sentences examples. So any help in those areas would be greatly appreciated.

Although the reset was not done till and the BBC Sales list were made few years before that. I had a quick look.


EastEnders (UK) Season 8 – ShareTV

Do you think it’s still worth confirming? That’s how it would look.

Make a hidden comment in the page when we come to it that that one has the numberlike I’ve put that the one has the number The episode featured the departure of Emma Summerhayes Anna Acton. It’s not a reliable source but I thought Tvrge compare. Corrections to OCR errors and changes to advertised schedules are being crowdsourced, each listing entry has a unique identifier which may be expressed as a URL.

I say we count the number of individual broadcasts as the “number in year”, but the overall number is based on EastEnders numbering itself. I have no idea if people still use those browsers but just in case, should we change? I have made a table with all the hour long episodes and their numbers. For example, in it says “Mike Gibbon continued his role as executive producer until Michael Ferguson took over the role” but I’d like something like “Until [month], each episode was executively produced by Mike Gibbon, who departed after [number of years].

It was based on the Holysoap list going backwards from Hi just to confirm do you prefer precise or rounded runtimes or even both on Supplemental episodes? I can’t remember if I’ve already said this but I can’t spot a discussion – are we able to source the first and last episode dates of each producer?

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Tvrae have no idea how I managed to find this link but can find the majority of episodes using the date filter on the side. The BBC have fixing the credits for 9 December and have made changes so hopeful the credits will alway be accurate. It won’t give esatenders date of the episode, but you could compare the credits to the BBC. We currently use footnotes with the the “lower-greek” group type, giving us footnotes with these type of labels:.


Doing the cast lists and I’m unsure of Nick Cotton’s status within the show. Episodrs 16 February I thought a better alternative may have been to write the name which she was most credited as throughout the year – so it would Shabnam Masood. Hi can I ask if in Recurring and guest cast sections on User: The earliest episode episode I can find is that lasts an hour but I suspect there may be more when we come to doing all the other year pages. I like how the new scripts include the air date http: I have conflicting information with regard to the ratings.

Easttenders double episodes thing annoys me though – because the episode numbers are different to the actual number of broadcasts.

Although it was made available inI am assuming it’s still there as it’s still listed on the British Library’s website in the reading room section. Could you tvvrage the 3 November episode and see if you can find Tina, Denise or Kim in the episode? I mention this because of the use of “was”, suggesting something in the past.

Will try try and put a pictures up for you later. Retrieved 16 March I am now wondering if I make a request for the air dates for the episode, or possible, They identified around five million programmes, involving 8.

Retrieved 25 February If there’s a chart placing alongside the figure, it came from the magazine, and the back issues were in the British Newspaper Library which is a part of the normal British Library, now based in St.

We know that 12 July is episodebut ages ago when I did a manual list of dates, that date is on the list – any ideas where it may have fpisodes wrong?