It’s a neat idea, but leads to some heavy exposition scenes that betray the found-footage set-up. Emergo however, caught me by surprise and I found myself sucked in straight from the outset and immediately realised that this found footage movie, IS something special. There’s no rational and sensational explanation of a four-year old kid walking in the house without even screaming and taking everything so natural. The actors in this film were good with what they were given, they were great. I’m supposed to sort of buy into this, right? Scary films, not the blood and guts kind but the creepy style, this one is up there on the creepy, could be real type side of horror. I don’t find that these films work without a decent amount of build up. It deals with the pain of losing a loved one to illness and death and the emotional and physical affects it has on a family.

This being your first full length theatrical feature, why did you choose to make a ghost story? Posted on March 15, , 7: They’re able to catch it all on video of course as the investigation becomes more and more bizarre. Was this review helpful? The build-up before the moments that made you jump were great, and although I was fully anticipating what was to come I still jumped several times. Become a fan of The Lowedown on Facebook: I would recommend this movie to brave horror fans, and those who want to make their girlfriends shriek in terror. As I write this review, I am on a horror-movie kick.

After they set up their equipment, they get some compelling evidence on camera. Films Watched in May I had never heard of it so was watching with a little skepticism.

When the doctor can’t find a ghost he concludes schizophrenia?!

The scares were decent but as events unfolded I found myself getting tired of seeing things move around and what not. And the look isn’t anything if the body of the film itself is topnotch, but that’s another thing. Just not worth the time it takes to see it through to the end. It is far better in both story and acting than most of the other entries in the paranormal investigation genre.

After some easy scares and cool effects, the movie take movei path to a dramatic ending. Yes the “haunting” is about the family not the place, but at least the family needs to try communicating to the soul and solve the problem, instead of hiring mkvie crew to put cameras and take pictures of the house.

A team of paranormal investigators – they refer to themselves as parapsychologists – is emedgo by a tenant in an old apartment building by explanstion name of Alan White Kai Lennox. For those that can ignore that logic good for you but it was a slap in the face for me looking for a compelling resolution.


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If it is not your style, however, You probably won’t like it. I watch a lot of horror and its my favorite genre. The British chic is the best, followed by the dog. What’s really sad is that this generic piece of trash was written by Rodrigo Cortez, whose “Buried” was an incredibly tight little minimalist thriller that did a lot with explanahion little.

Here, the camera crew walk in and stuff is happening almost immediately. And just like Paranormal Activity, it had way too much of nothing going on.

The story revolves around Alan White Kai Lennox and his daughter Caitlin Gia Mantegna and son Benny Damian Roman who recently moved in to apartment of an apartment building after experiencing strange things at their old home. The investigators pitch up in their house and stay there, setting up their equipment and monitoring the situation. It’s a neat idea, but leads to some heavy exposition scenes that betray the found-footage set-up.

To play with the audiences expectations and make the moment last as long as I could possibly could. The unusual disturbances continue to haunt them at their new home and Alan asks a team of three parapsychologists, lead by Dr. I don’t wanna say it’s too long, because it’s not, but it’s just an empty experience, movke it comes to horror at least.

But, like I said, I figure that it is a necessary evil as it opens the door to more horror filmmakers than there would be otherwise. The guff-talking antics of the Mestizo cameraman and tech-specialist can’t save the rest of the disjointed crew. Emergo however, explznation me by surprise and Explanatkon found myself sucked in straight from the outset and immediately realised that this found footage movie, IS something special.

That is my only real criticism. Luke Baldock Super Reviewer.

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Does the house have no lights? It’s definitely more of the same things explanaion fans are used to, but that doesn’t mean it’s not good. The ending is also pretty goddamn terrible and predictable. That doesn’t mean that the movie’s not entertaining, it will hold your attention throughout, but you can’t help but feel like you’ve seen this entire thing before in tons of other movies.

As much as it pains me to say it, it actually makes Paranormal Activity look good. But, as a good horror, the dramatic part was followed by a nice display of SFX, very “Poltergeist” stuff, with lots of people flying across the room, and bodies lifting in the air.


We found if you turn the explajation off, it’s boring beyond belief. I also got tired at the scientists continued explanations of stuff when it was clear that some of these things were impossible to explain. If you are a fan like I am, this movie is emrego than most.

Maybe some of these people have gone on to find greater success outside of this very limiting genre. More Top Movies Trailers. Her behavior is erratic and unnatural.

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What did I think? I guess I’ll try to say whatever “good” I can about it, but honestly there isn’t much going for it in that department. So, as they install all the equipment, the supernatural being or non-supernatural thing, as the scientist explainsdoes all kind of things. The acting is nothing special. The thing with this movie, is that emergoo though you can predict the scary moments before they happen, movir still get very very scared.

In some ways it’s a necessary evil, at least within the horror genre itself. Especially the character of Alan White played by Kai Lennox, his character arc is the backbone of the explabation. Perhaps if these had been explained in talking head interviews it wouldn’t seem so clunky and forced.

Emergo (Apartment 143)

Telephone calls with no caller, mysterious shadows, extraordinary light emissions, flying objects, and exploding light bulbs, are some of the events they will face while recording their every step with state-of-the-art technology. But I can still watch and enjoy a movie provided it makes sense. I think the film, more than just being a horror movie, really tries to be more of a family drama, delving into the dark past of this family to find out just what exactly went wrong that caused such strife between Alan, the father, and Caitlin, his daughter.

But, when you only have so much to work with, normally, it can’t be made better, no matter how good your acting skills are! It lends an air of mystery to all of the goings on. It looked cheap and cheesy many times. I don’t find that these films work without a decent amount of build up. So why a 3 out of 10?