If they go over different qualities of clay, etc I’ll be happy. But the good news is that once the teenagers show up about 35 minutes in, things get a little more interesting. I agree with you, the boat just happened to be there. But mandate of heaven , is it really worth of time for a busy person , i mean is it a must watch? Same, i’m probably going to watch that been there done that concept that is Goddess of Fire just for the pottery alone, one of my favorite hobbies, just to see how it differs from pottery done here in the US. Coffee Prince was 17 episodes. The last few episodes, I really wanted TJ to die.

DMCA doesn’t apply there. Did you notice that the other bad guy got smaller punishment, proportional to their wrongdoings? I can’t access viki I used to before Go Soo as a hardass, crazy ass, badass, oh YES! I don’t know if you get Hulu or Amazon there, but both of those services have also recently picked up a ton of Asian dramas. Please enter your username or email address. You are commenting using your WordPress.

Thanks for the recommendation. I’m not a fan of Go Soo but I have feeling I’m going to love him in this show. Even when he was arrested, the public still believed in him. I am fuming right now. I’m more interested in the person Tae Joo is than the person he was those first 10 minutes were actually good. Why won’t she shape it nicely.

So, the writers relied on that little faith and a lot of patience on our part because they ultimately knew the story they intended gopd tell, even if the middle stretch of the series did feel like we were in limbo. Empire of Gold I quit early since it’s not my type of drama to begin with.


It really is WTH kind of ending. The kid actors in GOF are normally good but here they are not well directed.

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But he roars at her to shut up and to leave him be. Thanks everyone for being on this awesome drama journey with me, my first one on this site and hopefully there will be another empird pull apart and dissect soon! If the 1st 2 eps have u farrowing your eyebrows at what’s happening, best to run for your life.

Holding the bank receipt in her hand, she makes a call. To leave his sins for her to take care of. They were able to put together one of the best dramas this year! Jin Ji-Hee has definitely grown up. I wanted a more elaborate plan.

wandering thoughtsmy K-World: Finale Screen caps [ep. 24] Empire of Gold

Jang Shin-young has improved a lot since The Chaser. That is what the episode was like.

I was also able to make some very nice friends here namely Carole and Delicatecloud. Goddess of Fire is cute so far. Well, you could have said that before you pulled out a gun on her. I watched ep 23 and read recap for My suggestion to anyone who decide to watch When A Man Loves? An opportunity to reflect on my wicked life. I have been reading the recaps on Gu Family book – maybe i will given your recommendation and i can “meet” you and daydreamer on the recap chit-chat eventhough i am not such a Lee Seung Ki fan!

I too would have loved to see him in prison suffering a little prison abuse.


Wait, that’s exactly what Se Kwang did. It makes me appreciate life more now instead of taking it for granted.

Okay, now to the plot: I was actually interested in the pottery theme but the way it’s handled magical birth with magical lights? He died not to escape jail, or deny that he had lost.

So why won’t she make me love her. Or that dramcrazy just like Jae In? I asked the same question concerning the savings bank – but it is something that was “dropped in between chairs”!

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Why does it have to be talk talk talk? But in the end, Seol Hee freed him again. But the show made it a big struggle for her, which diminished her standing considerably in my eyes. Did my laundry, came back and didn’t miss much but it was worth watching the second half for Jin Ji-hee, Noh and Park. Cha-don orders a police escort to tail the ambulance since Se-kwang will use any opportunity to escape.

A dream that I killed Cha-don. I don’t know if you get Hulu or Amazon there, but both of those services have also recently picked up a ton of Asian dramas. Or else, it’s too late. I have nothing against MGY but I’ve not been overly impressed with her recent work.