Cemetery Man , Directed by Michele Soavi. Terms of Use — Privacy Policy. This list is crap. Having watched all of these I would love a new batch of suggestions. Misery , Directed by Rob Reiner. Bedlam , Directed by Mark Robson.

Scream , Directed by Wes Craven. Fortunately, the special effects crew managed to detonate the explosives to shatter the glass a few seconds early, which, according to Michael Bay, may have saved his life. Bedlam , Directed by Mark Robson. Miraculously, the man sustained no serious injuries. Thanks for making this and all of your reviews! Set in a dystopian future, a group of people work in a facility, essentially as slaves. Hellraiser , Directed by Clive Barker.

Altman and directed by Jeremy Kasten. The story follows two lifelong friends ddear a beautiful nurse who are caught up in the horror of an infamous Sunday morning in Then Lincoln starts to discover the truth about the facility and The Island.

The Top 100 Best Horror Movies Ever

Don Sumner – Editor-in-Chief. Aversion Andrew Roth, Enylish Berresford, Melantha Blackthorne Aversion is a horror film movkes a private investigator who discovers too late that the woman he is hired to follow is often possessed by a demon.

I acted in an indie feature some years back, and in the story, there was a great deal of whispering among a group of close friends, when an [ Rose RedDirected by Craig R.

Trivia In the scene where the jet bike crashes through the office building, an extra is pushed by the oncoming bike into a glass window. There is no way that Shaun of the Dead 30 is scarier that The Ring 79it s a spoof film — I love it and find it incredibly hilarious but The Ring is something I will watch the majority of in mute. The Remakes of Don. BedlamDirected by Mark Robson. SuspiriaDirected by Dario Argento. FrankensteinDirected by James Whale.


The Top Best Horror Movies Ever

Some of these are good movies but when you consider all of the decades and all of the subgenres, none of these deserve to be on here. Apocalypse Jessica Lange is Back!

Seriously why is exorcist the best horror movie!?. The Hills Have Eyes has been sequeled and remade, but the original is still the creepiest. Caligari is silent horror that helped set the stage for the scares to come.

There are different genres within the scope of zombie movies, including comedies, thrillers, and dramas. Dia de los Muertos, is a zombie film written by Mark A.

Everything from creature features to silent films are part of the mix, compiled just for the most Discerning Horror Freaks. As we get well into the top 20 of the best horror movies list we get to the true classics, with The Descent being the most recent of the bunch. The scene where Lincoln and Jordan are running through the crowd together. It spoofs George A. The Island awaits you.


Candyman at 93 but it has variety in production values, tones, subgenres, country of origin… Not to mention it offers a well-rounded approach to the horror genre for new fans. Lima One Alpha Troy Blendell How Sociopathic Are You?

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You might also like. Audible Download Audio Ebglish. So, is this a hot chick, a zombie or a zombie killer? Nor do I consider Interview with a Vampire horror. You are obviously not a horror fan if you believe this!!

Released in the United States under the title Zombie 4: Greatest Sci-Fi movies by concepts. Edit Storyline Set in a dystopian future, a group dodea people work in a facility, essentially as slaves. Onward and upward with the Top Horror Films! I have no respect for Friday the 13th even remotely close to the top