At the hospital Kenny has almost reached the generator. Kyle invites the others to come over to his brother’s Bris. They find out a Bris means that the penis will look bigger after is completed. Kenny dies when a sword thrown towards him by Ms. Meanwhile, we see Mr. Back at home, Mark asks his parents if he can attend public school. In this episode, Kenny distinctly says “Oh my god, they killed Cartman! Mackey wonders what has happened to the choir.

Hankey and a riot breaks out. Many of his classmates hang out at his house to watch Pewdepie videos with him as well, including Quaid , who is also best friends with Ike’s rival, Filmore. Kyle discovered this truth as a third grader. Mephisto plans to use artificial insemination. Hankey has left behind and their son holding a piece of Poo in his hand. Mackey’s office to deal with Stan’s discipline problem.

Cartman is convinced that the south is going to win this battle, so much so that he bets Kyle and Stan that if the South wins the war, they will have to be his slaves for 1 month and if the north wins, Cartman will be their slave. Kyle tries to get rid of his little brother Ike by playing “Kick the Baby”.

After the DNA testing has been done, Dr. Mephisto is on life support, which should be okay, as long as the power doesn’t go out. It was the last South Park episode to air before the film, South Park: At camp, Ike is sent to join the little kids group called “Squirts”, where their leader teaches them how to make macaroni pictures.

Chef and the boys arrive at the hospital, but Stan, who doesn’t like hospitals, sees the conditions there and runs out. A quick visit with his father leaves Stan confused.

Cartman wants to borrow Stan’s bike so he can go to the reservation to find his father. As the bus stop, Cartman is missing. At Grandma’s Cartman hopes for a cool present, instead he gets a new shirt. Kyle plans to cross breed his elephant with Cartman’s pig, but faces a challenge from fellow student Terrence who believes that he could clone an entire human being before Kyle can breed an elephant with a pig. Liane Cartman sleeps with the governor, who suggests that she try the president.


So he breaks the class up into groups. The last three contestants are Kyle and the two home schooled children.

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The road is closed due to an avalanche, so Ms. The boys videotape Cartman’s tea party. Even Harbucks at one time was a small business that made really great coffee everyone liked.

Eric is asked to keep an eye on his cousin Elvin. Hankey makes a death bed confession to Kyle. City on the Edge of Forever a.

Tweek vs. Craig

Jennifer Howell Voice of Unknown. Stephensonthat resulted in her arrest and subsequent death. Garrison’s class looking for the boys. Craig 23 Jun 7. Once described as a “little freckled kid that looks like a football”, Sir Ike Broflovski is Kyle ‘s beloved little brother and the apple of his parents’ eye. Hat teaches the class about genetic engineering.

The boys figure out how to fire torpedoes at the CBC ship. Kenny dies when Stan’s fish kills him. The mayor settles for a snake, but not one of an ordinary size, theirs will be the biggest in the world. The boys are playing Americans versus Bosnians when Wendy comes over to convince Stan that he needs to build a clubhouse, so that he and Kyle can play “Truth or Dare” with Wendy and her friend Bebe, who really likes Kyle’s “hot ass”.

Kyle hears about a dance, the Bay of Pigs Memorial Dance, which he plans to ask Rebecca to come with him. On Public Access, the boys try to defend their position on “Prop Charlie offers to take the boys to the mall.

As usual Stan and Kyle, with Kenny’s sacrifice try to get to bottom of the mystery. Kenny caftman when he’s catapulted into the air and gets shot by Mr.

With his fudge not selling, Chef changes his recipe over to “Chocolate Salty Balls”. He opens a package that his mother receives, thinking it is a gift episofe him.

Later at dinner, Cartman asks him mother about who his father is. Garrison lets Cartman know that there isn’t anyone in South Park who hasn’t sex with his mother. Please also note that you are accessing a site which is designed for and targeted to U. Excitement builds as Cartman’s birthday is coming this Saturday and he is letting everyone know what present he expects to receive from each.


Before he leaves, Kyle asks Rebecca if she will go to the dance, although she isn’t clear on the concept that he wants to take her to the dance. He can’t leave anything unfinished, like when you hear the first part of that song “Come Sail Away” by Styx, Cartman has to complete the song.

The town celebrates the return of Officer Barbrady who is glad to be back.

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Cartman lets out a loud yawn prompting the others to ask him why he is so tired and he tells them about his dream of a close encounter. If he is not scared by his shadow, there will be peace and love for the next millennium.

After watching “The Crocodile Hunter” the boys go searching for crocodiles and Kyle falls into a cave. Barbrady is on Sum and the case that he is catches involves a chicken lover. The boys navigate the sewer in search of Mr. The mayor seeks a new icon for Christmas wrestker Kyle suggests Mr. Sjmo at home, Stan suffers more abuse from his sister. Before the vote, the mayor expects Harbucks and the boys to both present their views. Stan comes across the ccartman and is given a tour by Big Gay Al as they look for his dog.

Kenny dies when he’s speared by the horn of the bull Cartman was riding during the contest. Cartman performs his new song “I Hate You Guys”. Everything is over, leaving Wendy and Stan with some time to spend together, which they do by talking about the contents of Stan’s latest throw up.