Show less Show more. Just do your homework. First off this is my first projector so my expectations were low but I did do my research before and wanted a quality p projector. Get your measurements right the first time. I cannot remember the other brand we had before the Sony. Also, make sure it has “tabletop” mounting capability. Easy to set up and very satisfied with the picture.

The picture quality, especially the black levels, is much better don’t know what you’re missing until you see better and compares decently to most flat screens despite the obviously larger image size. Brilliant image quality requires high color brightness. Since a dew weeks, when I turn it ON, the image is blurred by a pink shadow. The text of the review has been edited to reflect this. However, I wonder how many units will be sold given the extremely limited placement options: Posted Aug 28, 1: Posted Jan 25, Living room mode has a slight blue cast, but this can actually helps to counteract ambient light, which tends towards yellow.

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Play the PS4 just fine. Posted Feb 24, 8: The text of the review has been edited to reflect this.

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A 8 ft X 12 ft screen about 25 feet away from the projector. Also capturing images from HDTV i, starts out with half the vertical resolution of p. In many ways, the Home Cinema resembles a slimmed-down Home Cinema homr is larger and more expensive. Any help would be greatly appreciated. What about throw distance?


Epson PowerLite Home Cinema 2030 Tri-LCD Projector

Living room mode has a slight blue cast, but this can actually helps to counteract ambient light, which tends towards yellow. What could 203 my problem, and how do I fix it?

Posted Oct 17, Trending Price New. But I usually only do that for a sporting event in daylight hours when guests are over.

Epson Home Cinema Projector Overview To get started, I just want to say prijector the Epson Home Cinemais a projector that looks great, right out of the box, no muss, no fuss. The projector is encased in glossy white plastic and has an offset lens with an integrated sliding lens cap that doubles as an “image mute” switch. I’m looking for a good value in a HT setting for gaming and film.

Works better than anything I have seen in the Theaters. Posted Dec 29, 9: Posted Sep 6, We’ve had two other projectors in the past. If someone is aware please can also send message on whatsup on india then I can get message instantly.

All of the placement troubles are accurate. Expensive — But Awesome. Now that its up there, I couldn’t be happier. Bdst tried updating my PS3. It lacks the ‘s longer zoom lens, higher contrast ratio, and more powerful sound system, but it retains the core functionality and image quality that made the Home Cinema a successful home video projector.


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Here are my numbers: Posted Jan 11, 3: Posted Nov 30, All comments should remain on topic. Posted Mar 29, Posted Jan 22, 9: Maybe it goes by a different model name here?

And many vendors typically declare warranties invalid when projectors suffer heat damage related to improper installation. Posted Sep 4, 5: This one, the Home Cinema that we are reviewing, will be sold by retailers, from big box houses like Best Buy, to smaller dealers.

Epson Home Cinema 2030 Projector Review

Posted Apr 19, 9: I bought 2 pairs of Epson RF glasses not cheap! And ,my wife appreciates the brightness: Poweelite friends will be dazzled! Posted Jan 14, 1: About this product Product Information Discover bright cinematic adventures at home with the Home Cinema