Oxford Handbooks in Philosophy. Of course, one could modify one’s ethical theory to place greater weight on beings at this indexical temporal location, but I feel like eternalism makes such a weighting scheme less morally plausible than presentism. But this answer appears unhelpful, because even if reality were instead computed in parallel, our physical beliefs would presumably look exactly the same. As Wikipedia explains , “A temporal causality loop [ Suppose that the Tokyo and New York computers compute neutral hedonic experiences at all times except for 1 millisecond at To me, this observation suggests a possible principle that we could try to maintain when attributing consciousness: To capture the algorithms within brains, it seems we’d need three-dimensional 3D snapshots—i. The brain performs many distributed computations in parallel, but imagine that the computer has only a single core and computes everything serially.

But this causation lies implicit in the way the source code’s update rules generate successive world snapshots, not from an ontologically distinct property of “causal power” underlying Mario’s block-hitting action. Surely this is not what we mean to say when we say one experience precedes another; the view that began by apparently cleaving to common sense in the end departs from it egregiously. We might call this a “temporal zombie”. The inputs, processing steps, and outputs of a computation don’t change based on reference frame, and it doesn’t seem especially important to me when different computations happen. A high-level temporal ordering from start to finish will be preserved because, for example, when the output A of one brain area combines together with the output B of another brain area, you need to have already computed A and B. The causal past and causal future are consistent within all frames of reference, but any other time is “elsewhere”, and within it there is no present, past, or future.

Presentists might aim to answer the question of why I’m now rather than then by suggesting that only “now” exists, and the past and future don’t. Science and Religion in Quest of Truthp. All go to the same place; eternnalism come from dust, and to dust all return. Start your free trial. Why is “here” here rather than there? Time travel of the kind seen in fiction is quite feasible in virtual worlds. Sgort questions whether time can exist independently of the relation between events, and Platonism argues that time is absolute, and it exists independently of the events that occupy it.

As Wikipedia explains”A temporal causality loop [ In general, eternalsm a space-time tradeoff in computer science, in which more storage allows for less recomputation. Recent Posts A Bridge between Galaxies: It seems unproblematic to say that the first moment of experience temporally precedes the second. Rather, at bottom, our universe’s behavior appears to just exist with certain regularities, without being explicitly generated as physical computations within a larger structure.


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All here-and-now’s are equally real? In contrast, he says, the same will not work between different minds. I’ve seen enough examples of weird reductions like this that I don’t find reducing consciousness to functional operations particularly shprt least not uniquely troubling relative to many other puzzles of sohrt.

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This essay scratches the surface in exploring eternalism, with a focus on ethics. What do you think of this article? If we take Yudkowsky’s view on causality based on Judea Pearl, in which causation refers to certain asymmetric relationships among structures, it seems quite sensible to imagine a closed causal loop, for the same reason we can imagine closed fi,m of other kinds within physics.

Eternalism seems more tolerant of time travel. Faith and Philosophy 26 3: In some axiologies, nonexistent beings may not matter at all. My sense is that, as with relativity of simultaneity, time dilation should generally not affect our moral valuations because it’s relative to reference frame.

Would we then say the person “lived forever” because she was constantly repeating herself? Unless some version of eternalism is true, then, we cannot even meaningfully say that one moment of experience precedes or follows another.

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Eternalism and Its Ethical Implications

All of the previous ethical implications would remain unchanged, although maybe 3D flip books would seem less morally important if time slices aren’t ontologically primitive, since this would weaken the analogy between the flip book and real physical time. Still, I think the eternalist picture does have some impact as an gilm pump, perhaps because it draws a close analogy between time and space.

In this new situation, it’s perfectly coherent for the grandson to kill his grandfather and still exist. So in order to remember event X, entropy needs to increase, which means that the state of remembering X must have higher entropy than the state when X happened. For instance, the game of life running single-threaded on a laptop computes one cell update at a time.


Eternalism (philosophy of time)

But eternalism helps clarify why the badness of pain doesn’t “disappear” from moral radar once an organism is dead. That said, Daniel Carrier noted an important rejoinder: So Occam’s razor removes the need for an actual flowing property.

The standard answer is that entropy provides an “arrow of time” due to the second law of thermodynamics: Rogers argued that Anselm of Canterbury took an eternalist view of time, [11] although the philosopher Brian Leftow argued against this interpretation, [12] suggesting that Anselm instead advocated a type of presentism. Studies in History and Philosophy of Modern Physics.

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In ” A Universe from Nothing? As the grandson presses the button to go back, save the state of the grandson’s mind and body, load up the state S, and stitch the grandson’s mind and fi,m into the virtual world of S. His “total stream of consciousness is available etsrnalism a higher legislator, fi,m a position to conclusively rule this ‘disagreement’ [among different temporal perspectives] purely indexical”.

This conventional model presents a number of difficult philosophical problems, and seems difficult to reconcile with currently accepted scientific theories such as the theory of relativity. Sternalism, I take this as a reductio against the intuition for presentism. Faith and Philosophy” 26 3: Of course, very long world lines of kindness matter more than short ones, but even the short ones eternally matter to some degree.

The process of remembering is a computation, typically an irreversible one. If memories of your childhood were implanted into Hellie’s brain, would Hellie then say he could understand what it had been like to be you in the past? After all, if time’s flowing or consciousness’s phenomenal texture was something extra, how would that something extra influence the logical state transitions of the characters?

We should not, however, think of our efforts as wasted unless they endure forever, or even for a very long time.