It gave the story depth and insight into Lenah. Yet she’s never experienced being a normal teenager. I felt like I was in the past along with Lenah, Rhode and Vicken. So it can be done. The characters are all bland, with no sign of character development anywhere in the book. Beautiful from beginning to end.

Sep 30, Stacia the club rated it liked it Recommended to Stacia the club by: At one point while they are still going out, sexy guy – Justin – openly ignores her to flirt very obviously with Lenah. While she tries to adjust to the 21st centu Contains small spoilers for the first half of the book. There’s the trio of shallow mean girls who serve no purpose. I actually felt like I was adapting to this new world with her. As a vampire she was kickass. That word is unconventional.

But overall, I enjoyed this enticing story and felt the plot and style was rather unique.

Rebecca Maizel: Infinite Days Q&A Part 2

Her friends she meets along the way were great. So I took that away from her as a vampire. The characters I usually feel bad giving terrible reviews, because I realise a lot of effort goes into writing the book, and a lot of the time it’s just not my kind of book.

Other books in the filmm. I didn’t quite understand how all of a sudden they fell so deeply in love.

Infinite Days (Vampire Queen, #1) by Rebecca Maizel

Overall, they are downright scary, unappealing and emotionally broken, so much so that one of the strongest, most gifted vampires wants to regain her humanity. The imagery might have felt overdrawn to some, but this author’s a Otherwise known as: She falls for justinenos he may as well not even have a first and last name, because readers are constantly reminded which Justin in the story she’s talking about.

Though perhaps its better to say that there was obsession on all their sides–Lenah was obsessed with protection, with finding a way to fill the emptiness that Rhode left within her when he disappeared.

Lenah, our main character, has been alive for ish years, so obviously, she’s had her fair share of romance, and odds are she hasn’t spent all years with one person. She missed the camaraderie and shared knowledge that came from a close knit group of people who understood each other and cared for each other.


He may not be in the book as much as some other characters but man oh man, does he leave a massive impression on you. She also has the sexiest men in her life. Infinite Days is a very unique story. But I think it worked incredibly well for Lenah. He was probably the most dullest love interest. Overall, I thought the writing was strong, the plot was well crafted with an unpredictable ending and held a cast of very interesting characters.

I usually feel bad giving terrible reviews, because I realise a lot of effort goes into writing the book, and a lot of the time it’s just not my kind of book. Oh well and I don’t deny that I love Rhode so much that I’m still hoping he comes back – however that might be possible Yes, she has a crush on the school stud, but when he appears to insult her she tells him where to get off. My existence as a vampire meant that all my nerve endings were dead.

Created a false identity maybe? Rhode discovered an ancient ritual to assist him in their endeavor. She isn’t the standard frail, naive female protagonist that has been showing up in paranormal.

Lenah, on the other hand, was so caugh I should know better than to judge a book by it’s cover. But some how she got her one wish- to be human again. What was I going to do? At one point while they are still going out, sexy guy – Justin – openly ignores her to flirt very obviously with Lenah.

The idea of the book was interesting enough but for me Lenah was rather annoying and I couldn’t find any way to relate to her. His self sacrifice was immensely touching. She didn’t mentally remain a five year old kid.

The observations made about life were so amazing and might I add, philosophical which I loved. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read.

Rhode is forever maizdl deep within my heart and I treasured every moment he spoke or Lenah flashed back to him. I could see the author tried to make her sound ancient in several bits, but just because she calls something ‘curious’ it doesn’t mean that all of a sudden she’s ancient and wise. I know brick walls with more personality.


Yet my mind was a hundred per cent human. The characters have tripped a few wires which might set off some explosives in the books to come. The characters were wonderful and Lenah is a deep character you wish to explore more.

Rebecca Maizel: Infinite Days Q&A Part 2 – Novel Novice

But it was her Vampire memories that I really enjoyed the most. By Genre Book Reviews: The only possibility to become human again is by an ancient ritual where one Vampire needs to give up his own life in order to let the other Vampire life. So Lenah is a Vampire Queen, turned by Rhode her soul mate and she lived a life of carnage and reckless behaviour for over years. View all 32 comments. As the novel progresses, she crosses some of those corners off, but she’s in quite a sticky situation.

I, for one, loved it. Think about all the wonderful places in time and space you can go! From the moment she sees Justin it’s Justin this and Justin that. I didn’t finish this. However, this is explained by her long and boring existence, but I just found it to be another annoying character trait that made Lenah less dear to me. In fact, she didn’t really seem to care that much at all.

It is written in first person past, so it is like Lenah is telling you her story.

Vampire Queen – Rebecca Maizel. Lenah was so bitter due to super old vamp Rhode stealing her away from her family, her orchard, and her humanity.

One minute she’s feeding him flowers and the next she is meeting his parents. Rebbecca writing was awesome, so easy to read, and those flashbacks