First part of the hearings, Gregorian Bivolaru was announced the accusations to support the extradition request submitted to the Swedish Court by the Romanian authorities. It was raining and each raindrop touchingmy body got me aware that I was living and I was not living in thisworld at the same time. This will happen in Many are traveling with us and in all corners of the world, upon the heights, flame friendly beacon fires. Among the messages posted on this site, we found a reply letter from Gregorian Bivolaru to her. The man on the horsesaid: They weirdly insist on the fact that the only way out is that Gregorian Bivolaru should leave, no matter how Sweden, the country that grants protection to him, so that he might be arrested again and the extradition procedure resumed in agreement with another country, more willing to cooperate.

In this direction, it is worth it to remember that wise men have said: And we will smile at each of your grimaces, your schemes and your silences. This person introduces himself as an psychiatrist, resident in France, and uses his professional position in order to be more credible on the MISA subject. On this purpose she only made use of plants. The slave went to the home of the first guest and told him: He told about the rulers in power in , who threatened him he would be destroyed he and the yoga school unless he closes the yoga classes. How sad, hysteric and stupid can a person be, if it comes to live only for hate?

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I was experiencing then a state of fascination andadoration for women and for the ecstatic potential of a relationship ofromantic love, even platonic. Do not fear, I will tell you what to say!

Vanga with her accomplished sensescould receive message from everything around her: For those who meet problems or are going through a time ofdullness in their love relationships, the states of romantic trance canrestore the charm and the fascination of love and can help the twolovers rediscover each other in a new and magic light. This will happen in Then she said that she always saw things in her dreams andher dreams came true.


The prosecutor ruling on the hearings failed to believe that people in a civilised country can suffer such oppression from the authorities: The following text is a selection of excerpts from MISA official web site yogaesoteric.

You have taught us resourcefulness and indefatigability.

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Her belief was that people should cure themselves by using plants only from their neighbourhood. Tue Jan 13, 8: The audience was only allowed access in the trial room after minute security searching.

People will split accordingto their belief. The most fascinating thing was, however, theway I could feel myself. Many are traveling with us and in all corners of the world, upon the heights, flame friendly beacon fires. Therefore the truth was brought to light and the framings and improvisations of the Romanian prosecutors could be easily taken down.

According to your ideas, it is a strange and improper matter to be occupied in life with these ideas. By adjacent connections between yoga and other traditions he proved that the evxnghelia taught at the MISA yoga classes is not new, but it belongs to the universal spirituality.

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Once she said to a woman who visited her: Each detail on his face appeared full of meaning as anexpression of a vanha feature of his personality or of certainevents that marked him and transformed him into the wonderful man he isnow.

She idealised man and all human aspects. You slander and condemn and through this you fill the air with boomerangs which afterward snap your own forehead. Also the prosecutor stated that despite the aggressive media campaign, there have been journalists fi,m for their tendentious articles.


This is not the only CNAdecision violated: Hard times are to come. Once, a group of scientists decided to make up a movie about Vanga and on this purpose they made a special hole in the wall of the next room and installed a camera there. And you carefully outline your ritual of funeral processions, as though this procedure was worthy of the greatest attention.

All these weigh hard on myshoulders and this is why I clean up, for it makes me feel relieved. His deposition basically impressed the judges. Her beliefwas that people should cure themselves by using plants only from theirneighbourhood. The whole world will rejoice at his birth.


The conviction by default absence is an order, not to reach the situation when he comes back to Romania. It was quite unusual that theseastral projections I had made me perceive the lifestyle of men that hadlived exemplary romantic lives who lived in those romantic times.

The witnesses hearings proved that the accusations against Gregorian Bivolaru are not clear, nor steady either. Although the media broadcasts the same old statements where she discloses vxnga pressur she was inflicted upon by the prosecutors, the ProTV is quite clever to set the images so that the information is distorted.

None of them can come. Nor shall we seek to convert them.

When her father showed his surprise she answered she had seen in her dreams where the sheep was.