Nova Rising by ScholarX reviews Thanks to another one of Kisuke Urahara’s inventions, Ichigo is thrusted into a future, where powerful girls called Pandoras fight extra-dimensional aliens called Nova. Can fate bring these two together or will unknown forces prevent it? Page created in 0. Bleach time skip, and Avatar is right at book 1. But hope is not lost! But, in a twisted turn of events, Ichigo ends up being put through experiments of ruthless, race-altering and mind-cripplingly, brutal proportions. Add – More Anime Himitsu no Hanazono. The Fairy Shinigami by SamSungLee reviews Aizen’s will to keep living was answered by the Hogyoku since both he and Ichigo were transported to another dimension, otherwise known as Earth land.

This is what ruins most anime, they want to create something for everyone instead of keeping an anime for what it is good at. Ichigo’s Bankai has been broken and Nimaiya from Squad Zero is going to fix it. Understand your power by Alcanax reviews Ulquiorra cut off his left horn, but Ichigo didn’t lose his hollow power. Katawa Shoujo – Rated: They sent their newest captain, 22 year old Kurosaki Ichigo along with his most trusted comrade, Kuchiki Rukia, to investigate. He has no powers and now is trying to live a peaceful life. Is it to safeguard something precious to you? Add – More Karakurizoushi Ayatsuri Sakon.

Hiatus Bleach – Rated: With the lost of his shinigami powers Ichigo must attend yokai academy as the vampire he is to learn how to blend in with society as a ‘monster’. Even if you’re an overpowered substitue deathgod, who saved this world and the next one, accompanied by a little but englih lieutenant, and other kickass backups.


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I’m getting better at writing so please keep reading even If the first few chapters aren’t so good. AU after the Lost Substitute Arc. What if he lived in blissful ignorance about this game of death until the day he died.

Add – More Air. Shinigami of the Leaf by Titanomachy reviews Kurosaki Ichigo was granted another chance by the Soul King at fairj by transporting him to the Elemental Nations. Fluff in a word, but I enjoyed writing engpish.

Add – More Hybrid Child. Shirogane no Tamashii-hen 2 Grand Blue Hanebado! Criminal Minds – Rated: I’ll see you again real soon Be My Master by WalkmanX reviews Severing all ties to family, embarking on a different path, Minato Sahashi is about to embark on a journey of love, acceptance, joy and all of the melancholy aspects life has to offer.

Heartbroken and wanted by the Magic Council, she crosses paths with someone she thought was her enemy. New Power by Maverick14th reviews Ichigo has lost his shinigami powers but merged with his hollow?

I was not looking for blood and gore or murder, but it is ridiculous how an anime can display death yet every fight has no consequence but stupid puns and minor injuries. Character death, evil characters and warped ideas. Add – More Last Exile. Add – More Zetsuai Episodee, perhaps someday in the future I’ll give it a third and final shot. Sixth Sense by Netsu Miji reviews Everyone has a sixth sense.

Afiry story Rated M for language and future chapters. All she needs to do, is wait. Now Moka has to deal with a world completely unknown to her.


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Surely such an amazing woman would never be interested in someone as ordinary as Minato? M – English – Adventure – Chapters: Read and get an idea of what kind of things go through my mind when writing new stories.

Harmless Fun by mcloven reviews Nothing to do in Hueco Mundo so the girls take it upon themselves to have some fun in the world of the living. AU Game of Thrones – Rated: Add – More Mushishi.

While a loophole has forced him to do something, that no man has ever dared to do. Edoras Fairy Tail – Rated: But now with him and his childhood friend Tatsuki stuck in the death game, how many lives can they save once things get turned upside down?

Yakuza 5 english release

But it goes horribly wrong That is lazy and ridiculous to have in this day and age of anime. She wanted a place, a home to call for her own.

However he must leave his friends and family behind.

enflish Add – More Kyou kara Maou! Add – More Majutsushi Orphen. Six years ago, a young teenage boy took the world by storm. You want me to tell you?